Thursday, December 13, 2007

Even Colder

Tuesday: Dawn studied and I goofed off all day.

Wednesday: I took a trip down to San Jose again about noon. The tenant called yesterday afternoon complaining about mice in her kitchen, still. Lou's been working on sealing under the sink but there still leaving little traces around the kitchen. I did some more sealing under the sink. I'm not sure how big the mice are but I couldn't see any way there were getting in around the pipes but caulked or taped over all openings, no matter how tiny.

Mouse Hole Patched.JPG
I then checked under the dishwasher. It had been removed when we installed the new flooring a couple of months ago and I caulked all around the edge and "knew" there were no openings there. Wrong. There was about a one inch mouse hole there. It was quite difficult to seal it off since it was on the back wall and my arm are just about at the max working back there through the 3" space under the dishwasher. I didn't have any flooring compound but did place a metal fender washer in the hole and covered it on top with a PVC cover. I then went under the house and finally found the other side of their route and covered the area with a piece of plywood. Hopefully they give up and leave now.

Orange Tree Stump.JPG
I also checked the orange tree stump. I had added chemicals to help disolve it. It's too close to the gas meter, and house to grind out.

SCC Traffic Ops Center.JPG
Thursday: Dawn and I were up too early to head down to San Jose to a pancake breakfast at my former place of "work." We had a nice breakfast of pancakes and sausage and a lot of visiting. The picture above is of the Traffic Operations Center I used to work at. The monitors are new replacing the nine year old previous monitors. i brought my camera but forgot to get any pictures of the breakfast. there was quite a crowd as usual. As I was leaving I snapped the above picture.

We dropped by the San Jose library to pick up some books Dawn had requested through the inter-library link. I picked up some egg rolls at the House Of Eggrolls in Santa Clara on our way home. Dawn stopped by Rasputin's used book store as I picked up a couple of things at Trader Joe's market.
After lunch of the egg rolls, Dawn studied and we both worked on preparation for departure next Tuesday.

Friday and Saturday: I worked on cleaning up the RV. I then decided to do some of the things on the RV ToDo list. I wanted to finalize the load management for when we're on battery power. Because of where the power panel is located, it was more difficult than I would have liked but it's now done. The power panel was split into two sides, inverter loads and non inverter (utility or generator) loads. Its been limited by the inverter input until now and the whole RV was on one circuit. Not the best. I also added a new outlet that is not on the inverter and to be used for the electric heater. I also added a few plug strips for easier individual load shedding.

All went well until the last plugstrip. I then broke the TV installing the plug strip. It can only happen to me, I hope. Oh well, it would have been obsolete next year anyway so now I guess we can get a new HD TV instead. That wont be for a while though so we'll be a single TV RV for a while. It's a tough life.

Sunday: Laundry day, not exciting but necessary. The RV fridge was loaded from the house. Other packing was done. Pretty close to ready to leave.

Dawn and I went downtown to the Palo Alto Cremery for dinner. We both had pot roast. Very good. And for desert we shared a chocolate pecan pie.

Monday: Up very early to take Dawn down to San Jose. She has a final at 11am and I have a dentist appointment in Cupertino at 9am so Dawn had to get to San Jose before I return North to Cupertino. I actually got in about 8:30 and was back in San Jose by 10am, so why the hurry.

When we dropped by for her test, it wasn't ready so we went shopping. At 5:15, she met with her professor and got her test but it's too late to do today so tomorrow morning she will take the test. (The test needs to be enlarged for her to take the test). So, we probably wont get back to Palo Alto until later Tuesday. We then need to do the final prep to leave. We may get out late Tuesday or Wednesday morning?

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