Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Terrible’s RV Park, Pahrump, Nv

Tuesday: We left Bakersfield about 7;30 pm headed East on Highway 58. This morning there had been high wind warnings East of Mojave to Barstow. When I checked this evening there was no warning so we headed out. It was nice and clear all the way to Baker where we stopped for the night. We had intended to stop at the rest area about 25 miles West of Baker but as usual, for Caltrans the state highway department in California, their signs were worthless. They had a nice sign just East of Barstow that said the rest area was open. They had a nice sign that said 2 miles to the rest area. But 1.5 miles further up the road there was a sign that said exit 217, nothing about the rest area, so I figured it would be the next exit. Wrong, Caltrans just provided worthless signing, again leaving out the most important part. Not surprising, the rest area was empty. Vehicles are parked all over for the night but not at the rest area. How efficient! We continued on to Baker and parked on the street for the night.

Wednesday: We got up before sunrise and had breakfast at the Mad Greek restaurant. Lou and Dawn had Gyro's and I had a breakfast burrito. All very good.

We then headed North on Highway 127 toward Death Valley. We passed the southern entrance to Death Valley, again mostly a Caltrans sign problem. It doesn't mention Death Valley where Hwy 178 West leaves Hwy 127 it just says Badwater. Well I was driving mapless and didn't relate that Badwater is in Death Valley. I still blame Caltrans. We came in on Hwy 160 into Furnace Creek. We were only on a quick look tour.

Furnace Creek Inn Gardens.JPG Furnace Creek Inn Gardens.JPG Furnace Creek Inn Gardens.JPG
We looked around the Furnace Creek Inn. Nice gardens! Stopped at the store and met one of Lou's former students. Small world.

Salt Trail At Badwater.JPG Salt Crusting.JPG
Badwater Trail Back To RV.JPG Badwater Sign.JPG
We then continued South on Highway 178 through the valley. We stopped at the deepest point in the US, Badwater. There's that name again. We stopped a couple of other places and enjoyed great views all the way back to Shoshone. We then continued East to Pahrump, Nv.

Campsite At terribles TV Park.JPG
The wind started to blow a bit getting a bit gusty by the time we arrived in Pahrump. We went to Terrible's RV Park and moved into our site. We plan to be here a couple of nights. We had dinner at the casino at the park. All very good and quite cheap. You know I like that. It's quite chilly here. It will likely be a bit below freezing tonight.

Thursday: Up early. (Anything before 8am is early to me. Anything before 6am is early to Lou) ou and I were out just before 8am. It was still extremely cold, not yet 30 degrees. We went over to the office to register. We're members of Passport America which terribles honors for up to three days so our two day stay was $28+ total. We don't use it as often as we should but using it just three days a year pays for it. One day to go now and 4 days of the year left. We were last here January 4, 2006, almost two years ago.

Lou and I then took a walk around the place. When we returned home, Dawn was ready for breakfast so off we went to Terrible's buffet again. The buffet is so cheap, ordering from the menu doesn't seem worthwhile. Breakfast $3.99, Lunch $4.99, dinner $5.99. There isn't a large variety but there are choices and everything is very good as in no Costco items and all much better than Denny's. There are exceptions. Last night Lou and Dawn shared a prime rid dinner from the menu while i had the buffet. They were more than satisfied and had left overs. There meal was $8.99.

After breakfast, Dawn enjoyed her shower. Lou and I had ours before our walk. Because of the freezing, we're not hooked up to water or drain just electric. Lou was first and had to break the ice in the drain to get it to flow. Our shower drain and holding tanks are exposed under the RV so cold weather bothers us on occasion. I then filled the water tank and drained the holding tank, then put away the water hose and filter and drained the sewer hose so they don't freeze up. The drips from the hose froze into a big chuck of ice on the ground. It was still cold at 10am.

Lou and I left Dawn to entertain herself and went to look and some new homes nearby. Very nice prices and good construction quality and designs. Lou isn't pleased about the cold now and the potential for summers heat. There is also the fact there is no bus system here and that would be a problem for Dawn. Too bad. The mountains are beautiful and it seems to provide all the other amenities a place to live requires. That may be why it's rated number one on the best places to retire in the US.

We learned that there are fish in the lake here at the RV park and fishing is free but it's too cold for any of the fish here to bother to bite so maybe on another visit. They also have paddle boats and kayaks for free use as well. Again too cold now.

Lou and Dawn are out thrifting. Tomorrow we will probably head off to Las Vegas if brother Ernie is near arrival there.

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