Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping Again

Monday: (08/18) Back to the weekly schedule, though I'm not sure how it really differs from the weekend schedule?

Dawn was off to school early. ParaTransit was late and she ended up getting to class late.

Lou and I did a shopping run, both hardware and food. First stop was the Post Office to get some 2 cent stamps to help use up the 55 39 cent stamps we still have. We bought a roll of 100 stamps a few weeks before the rate went up and of course before the forever stamps as well. We don't use too many stamps any more. Of course there was a problem. The post office was very busy and they were out of stamps in the vending machine. If only the USPS could be more like the UPS! They need some competition.

Next stop, a look around the home salvage store. Lou can't pass without stopping and I tend to not want to stop but I'm the one who found something.  I looked through the used molding and found a nice bundle of fluted molding. The door and window molding in our house is five fluted and my find is also five fluted but is slightly different being slightly recessed convex. It looks close enough and will be used in the garage for the door and window.
Lou's replacing some of the Venetian blinds  that showed too much age. We looked at Ikea but didn't like the styles nor the price so we then went by Home Depot and found our usual $5 blinds. I also found a new carbide tipped saw blade for my 6.5" hand saw. They are hard to find. Most store only have 7.25 and 10 inch blades?

By now we were hungry so we stopped at the Chipolte restaurant in Mountain View for lunch. We've always wanted to try it out but haven't until now. We each had carnitas bowls which were very good. We'll be back.

From lunch, Lou walked across the street to Costco to look while I hit Orchard Supply Hardware. I could have purchased what I needed at Home Depot but I prefer OSH for two reasons. They provide a little more service like loading the car and I prefer to use one source so that when I return the 25% of unused items they can all go to one place. I just wish THIS OSH was better stocked. i picked up some  drain pipe to complete the connection of the last two remaining down spouts to our drain system and to complete the french drain around the house. Only about 30 feet to go but it's all through paved areas so next step is to do some concrete removal.

Our final stops, because of refrigeration needs, were the markets. We started with a stop at Trader Joe's and followed that with a visit to Safeway. We didn't do the vegetable shopping at the Milk Pail because Lou and Dawn will be away until Wednesday. Lou will do that on her way home.

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