Friday, August 29, 2008

Return To The Trenches

Friday: (08/29) Or at least that's the intent. My first effort today was an early doctors appointment. With that done, it was time to think about work.

When we were over in Reno, the high temperatures there were in the mid 90's. As it turns out, that was cooler than at home. We had a hot spell in the high 90's and low 100's while we were gone. Nice to have been gone but today, the high will still be in the low 90's so I may wait to start any real outside work until the weekend when it returns to the normal mid 70's. I can find enough to do inside, in the cool.

One thing to be done is to catch up on the blog. That's cool work. Then there is reduction of the pile of papers on the desk. Cool as well.

I'll bet the trench project will still be there when it's cooler.

Before trench.JPG Before trench.JPG
I finally got some pictures up for the drain project. Above left is the patio before the trenching across it. Above right shows the brick paving that was removed.
Patio Concrete Removed For Trench.JPG Bricks Removed For Trench.JPG
Left above shows the concrete removed for the trench across the patio, just need to dig out the dirt and install the pipe and inclets and then, of course, patch it. Above right shows the bricks are removed but I still have some concrete to remove next to the wooden deck to make a straight edge. Hopefully tomorrow it will be cool enough to get back at it.

Saturday: (08/30) Breakfast in the rear yard watching the squirrels and birds enjoy their breakfast as well. We had left over pizza, a nice breakfast.

Concrete Breakout Done.JPG Peanut Pots.JPG
Above left, I finished breaking out the concrete for the trenches and took it to the dump. On the right above are two big wash tub planters that I re-potted (a day or so ago) filing the bottom 2/3's with packing peanuts in a garbage bag then a layer of geo-textile the potting soil. They are much easier to move around now, next to impossible before.
Lou and Dawn are going through junk organizing and eliminating. Lou fixed some steamed vegetables and smoked sausage.

I got a call from the renters in San Jose that a window was broken so I headed off to replace it. Some jobs are simple but this wasn't one of them. I sopped by, measured the broken window wnet to the store and got the replacement glass and returned. i removed the sash and chipped out the glazing compound which was in good shape and probably 91 years old so it was difficult to get it out. After it was cleaned out i tried the glass. It was 1/4 inch narrower than what I ordered and needed. Someday I'll learn to measure before leaving. I returned to the store but they didn't have any more glass so I was off to another store and returned and installed the glass with no further problem, except.

Just after I returned the first time i noticed that there were four other cracked window panes adjacent to the one I'm replacing. We're thinking of replacing all the windows like at home so I'll hold off on fixing the windows until a decision is made.

When I returned home, Dawn had fixed some fennel to go with the baked potatoes and smoked chicken Lou fixed. Dinner was back in the rear yard. the rest of the evening I tinkered at the computer and Lou and Dawn with their crafts.

Sunday: (08/31) We really didn't do much today, as it probably should be. the weather was excellent in the mid 70's. I did prune the wisteria on the arbor. It tends to think it should be bigger than I do.

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