Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Of The Same

Sunday: (09/07) Started the day like a usual Sunday with the Sunday morning political shows. I enjoyed listening to Joe Biden on Meet The Press. An excellent man.

Lou fixed French toast and smoked sausage for breakfast. After the usual tea in the yard and bird and critter watching I finally got to work.

Trench For Drain.JPG
I haven't felt all that well these past few days but did today so back to work for me. I started digging the trench for the drain inlets and putting in the pipe. Actually I only dug out the old drain pipe to the point I could attach to it which is made more difficult by the fact the pipe is encased in drain rock and geo-textile fabric. I got it attached and started and called it a day.

Don's Kidney Stone.JPG
VICTORY! About noon, that pesky pebble made an appearance. Pardon the specifics but I passed my kidney stone which now means I can cancel the surgery that was scheduled for later this month. WONDERFUL! It certainly took its time (52 days) but fortunately didn't cause much pain after the initial couple of days. It wasn't all that big, but big enough. About the size of the edge of a dime to the nose as the doctor had described it. If it only hadn't have been barbed it might have traveled faster. And then there is the fact it's twice that long.
Lou fixed some nice gazpacho soup for lunch and dinner was leftover Dawn's pizza.

Monday: (09/08) Not a productive day, unless relaxing is productive. We did a little shopping and a lot of tinkering at home all of no significance.

Dawn left in the afternoon for San Jose to attend a History Club meeting at SJSU.

Tuesday: (09/09) Lou's off early to San Jose. to her Doll class and to meet Dawn.

I walked down for a nutritious donut breakfast again at Happy Donut. This time they had plenty of good (simple black) tea. I read the two local papers and checked the email and posted the start of this blog entry. Maybe a start at productivity. When I get home intend to start digging the trenches some more. Time will tell how the day goes.

Wednesday: (09/10) Today was garbage day, almost the highlight of my day? I did work at digging the trench and installing one of the drain pipes. It's fun chipping through the adobe clay soil! It's almost as hard as the concrete.

Lou and Dawn had their classes this morning and moseyed toward home late in the afternoon. Dinner was leftover gazpacho soup.

Thursday: (09/11) Today started with a visit to the doctor for me. I've had a sore finger for months and finally had it looked at. I was surprised when I was referred to a plastic surgeon to have a cyst removed. I see them tomorrow and I hope it makes me more handsome?

I then browsed at Lowe's and Home Depot in Sunnyvale on my way home. The doctor, and Lowe's are both 12 miles from home so I took advantage of the trip to look around. I then spent some time reading about my cyst. I had thought it was a splinter or something that never worked itself out. Wrong.

Lou and Dawn worked at home on their crafts and writing respectively.

Friday: (09/12) A little yard lurking started the day. Fun to watch the critters on a beautiful morning. Dawn laid some worm traps, wet cardboard on the ground, to get some started worms for her worm farm. No luck finding any this morning. Where is a worm when you want one?

More doctors appointments scheduled for me today. I was up early again, not my usual. The early bird avoids the rush at the laboratory and I needed to leave a few samples. i wanted to do it early as well because i had to fast and not eating is not my norm. I was in and out in 5 minutes.

Next stop, breakfast. i went to their hospital cafe and got an excellent breakfast burrito. This is a brand new hospital and everything is well laid out and nice looking. A nice place for breakfast.

Then off to imaging for a pre appointment xray. The wait in line to check in was about 5 minutes but I didn't even have time to fire up my laptop to use their free WiFi before I was called. Total time in imaging 10 minutes. Wow, my doctors appointment isn't until 11am. If they aren't going to cooperate and be slow and inefficient here a Kaiser, what am I going to do for the next 1 1/2 hours. How about browsing the Internet. Thanks for the WiFi Kaiser.

Saturday: (09/13) We went up to Redwood City (RWC) to a rummage sale, or at least Lou and Dawn did. I came along for the ride and took a walk around town while they visited all the other thrift stores in RWC. With that hard work done it was time for lunch, we all visited the Talk of Broadway cafe for a bite. Lou and I shared an omlette while Dawn had an egg salad sandwich. All very good as expected because when I passed it earlier it was a crowded restaurant and I got a look and some of the food. It's nice to get a preview on an unfamiliar restaurant.

By the time we got back home it was time for Lou and Dawn to go to the theater. They had tickets for a play in San Jose. I stayed home and played the rest of the evening.

Watsonville Fair Crafts.JPG
Sunday: (09/14) Today was another fair day. We enjoyed a nice left over from the fridge breakfast and then headed over toward Watsonville to the Santa Cruz County Fair. The Watsonville fair is the closest good fair. As you might have noticed form previous posts, we like good fairs.

Art At The Watsonville Fair.JPG Watsonville Fair Canning.JPG
Lots of painting and pictures on display as well as the other crafts canned goods and quilts.
Lou's Friend Billy.JPG The Old tractors.JPG
Lou loves to visit the animals. Above left is her friend billy. I like to look at the equipment. This visit on the last day of the fair was still a nice day at the fair. The weather was nice though slightly cool all day.

When we had enough of the fair, we came back up to downtown Santa Cruz. Dawn needed to visit a couple of the book stores. Then we headed back over the hill to home. For some reason there were a bunch of drunks on the road or at least really bad drivers that couldn't stay in their own lanes. It was only a little after 9 pm. I thought the bars closed at 2 am?

So, the entire week tended to be unproductive on my part. Hopefully, the work ethic returns next week. I still have that trench to work on.

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