Monday, September 1, 2008

Summers Over

Monday: (09/01) A holiday for many but what is a holiday for a retired person? For us, it's usually a day to avoid the crowds.I tend to really think of today as the end of summer and the beginning of fall no matter what the calendar thinks it is.

Lou and Dawn went to the 4th day of as rummage sale. Everything is 1/2 off and even free later today so of course, they had to go, again. I really can't complain. They are really attacking the piles in the house so it looks like I'll have to start eliminating more myself, soon.

We went to downtown Los Altos to go to one of Lou's favorite breakfast haunts the Los Altos Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, she hasn't haunted enough. It was gone. Fortunately, there was a couple sitting on a bench in front that advised us they had moved to the Rancho Shopping Center just a mile or two away and are now called Brian's Restaurant. The new location is much better. It has lots of outside dining and a great view of the mountains. The food is the same, excellent. Lou and I shared a chicken fried steak and eggs with home fries. The home fries are real potatoes not those frozen potato cubes that many use. The steak was home made with an excellent meat gravy. Dawn had the eggs Benedict. They were equally good though the English muffin they were on was rather tough. When Lou and I share a single breakfast it is much better sized to our needs.

The rest of the day was a holiday for me. i tinkered with the computer all day. Lou and Dawn were more productive with a continuing effort at organization of the piles.

Lou fixed a nice artichoke salad and some tuna stuffed mushrooms for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/02) Leftover omlette for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were then off to San Jose for a couple of days. I'm hanging around both to do some more work on the yard, if I'm energetic, and waiting for the contractor to come by to finish the decorative shingle siding on the front of the house. They ran out of siding on the first visit and the shingles have arrived. Of course now they are busy on other projects so they'll come by sometime today or tomorrow. I don't really have to be here since it's the front of the house but I would like to. It will only take 1-2 hours for them to finish.

Final Siding Pieces.JPG Trying To Clean Up Stuborn Black Spots.JPG
The siding crew stopped by just before 2pm. The installation of the final pieces of shilgle siding took less than one hour. Unfortunately, there were some very stuborn black spots on the areas that wer installed and where the ladder ws leaning. They couldn't be removed though they tried for about 1/2 hour. They had to head over to Home Depot to get son "Goof Off" which they usually have with them. That worked well and they were offr just before 4pm, siding done. The problem was rally a spray product that was supposed to be matching and was actually a spray paint. The installer wiped the siding after spraying it aand that added dirt into the paint and that caused the black spots. When just sprayed it matched well.
Trying To Clean Up Stuborn Black Spots.JPG The Finished Siding.JPG
The final cleanup with Goof Off. The finished siding looks very nice.

I checked today and learned the remaining garage window has been received but the front door has not. It should arrive on the 12th and be installed the following week. That will get rid of the final blue part of the house.

Dinner was Chinese from the Lucky restaurant. I also stopped by Trader Joe's for some groceries on the way back.

Wednesday: (09/03) I didn't have a good night so didn't get too much sleep. I did have an appointment to help our neighbor into the car for a doctor's appointment. I then walked down to our local Happy Donut shop for some donuts and tea for breakfast. I've wanted to stop by to try the free Internet and do some browsing as I ate my donuts. It's been on the list of todos for several years. The donuts were good but they didn't have any good teas as in simple black teas. I managed to update this blog and enjoy some browsing as well.

I never felt too good so I just relaxed all day and played at the computer as required. I also helped the neighbor into or out of the car several more times for doctors appointments.

Lou had her doll classes in San Jose and Dawn went to see the City of San Jose about an internship and got it so she'll be busy helping them for a while.

When they came home Lou fixed spaghetti for dinner.

Thursday: (09/04) In the do nothing mode.

Friday: (09/05) Still in the do nothing mode.

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