Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's A Small World

Thursday: (07/23) I started the day a little after 6am with the phone ringing. Aunt Helen gets up early and reads the newspaper, two things we don't do. Reading obituaries isn't one of our interests but, I guess that becomes much more important as the years accumulate. Anyway, she noticed the obituary of Mark. Mark is the son of our friend Debbie we all visited two days ago when we were in Bakersfield. That was the only time Helen heard of the name or met Debbie. Mark is also the Realtor that sold our house in Bakersfield a few years ago. He's well know in town. While we visited with Debbie, we reminisced about our canoe trips down the Russian River in Northern California many years ago and Debbie mentioned that Mark liked to float down the Kern River on inner tubes and that she had gone with him a couple of times recently. We have floated down the river ourselves in our youth. Mark was found in the river yesterday. It's a small world, you never know what might happen and how things might interrelate. It's a tragic loss! Our thoughts are with Debbie.

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