Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slow Work On Sheds

Monday: (08/23) Started with a breakfast egg sandwich. I then went shopping to get materials. Loading and unloading 8 plywood panels and 20 2x4 and misc other stuff consumed the rest of the morning and then some. I had Chinese food from our local fast food restaurant for lunch. When I couldn't delay real work further I dug out some more dirt to add to the ever expanding pile I'm making. I completed the rough cut and now just need to skim of an inch or two her or there in final preparation for the base rock. Dinner was beef stroganoff with broccoli and a carrot apple and raisin salad.

Tuesday: (08/24) I fixed home fries with red and green peppers, onions and mushrooms. I added some fried eggs to go with some strips of steak (roast) Ernie had prepared yesterday. I then wasted the morning watching TV and working at the computer. After lunch of tid-bits from the Hong Kong Bakery which Lou picked up after dropping dawn off at the train I finally did a little work. Quite little. I erected a temporary fence to keep the dogs at home when I work on the fence repair/replacement. I'm still  not sure how much I'm going to do repair or replace. I just staked up some plywood panels with EMT stakes driven in the ground. Enough for today, Lou wants to go out to a cheap prime rib dinner at 430 so I don't want to do too much. Any excuse!

Wednesday: (08/26) Leftovers for breakfast. In my case broccoli, Waldorf salad, cottage cheese, and an Italian sausage. Interesting! About 1030 I finally got to work outside. I removed some of the existing fence and chipped away the roots and moved more dirt. Lots of fun. Lou worked on cleaning the back yard. She blew leaves from the planters and raised them up on blocks to male future cleanup easier. Lunch was an olive loaf and horseradish cheese sandwich. Dinner was tortellini and sausage soup.

Replacing Fence By Neighbors Pesky Trees Temporary Fence
Thursday: (08/27) I needed to remove the old posts so I started with this one. Of course the hard part is getting the concrete base out. The clay soil is just about as hard as the concrete. The neighbors trees must remain so this is going to be fun installing the concrete footing and post bases. To keep the doggies at home I erected a temporary fence.

Friday: (08/28) More of the same working on the fence. A lot of digging to be done in hot weather. I got two of the three post holes dug but still need to remove a few more tree roots.

Saturday: (08/29) After cereal for breakfast I went by Shoreline Park in Mountain View. The concessionaire was selling a bunch of kayaks. Turns out the weren't discounted enough for my liking.

Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Electric Bike And Trailer Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, All Types Of Electric Vehicles
Ernie and I then went to the Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally.The electric bike above left pulls the long trailer all over town carrying materail or a couple of people.

Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Wheelchair Chariot Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Wheel Chair Chariot
The above looks like an electric scooter for Ben Hur. Its for a wheel chair riding driver.

Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Green Vehicles Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Green Vehicles

The vehicles above and below left are from Green Vehicles of San Jose. I rather like the van above right. I mentioned it in the blog a week or so ago when I looked at it in one of their showrooms. It's really rather well builtcarries 7 people or about a ton of freight and has lots of head room. They buy the body from China and put the electric drive and transmission in. Could be a good city car but I don't yet know if it could be towed. And then there is the crash test information that is still to come.

Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Green Vehicles Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Three Years In the Works
Above left is the Green Vehicles sports car. It has a 200 mile range and cruises at freeway speeds. The car on the right has been in the works for three years so far. it will be quite nice when complete.

Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Cute Sparrow Vehicle Palo Alto Electric Vehicle Rally, Homemade Electric Sports Car With A Short?
The Sparrow EV above right looks much like a bug. The sports car on the righ looks like it has a short.

Sunday: (08/30) Ernie baked some eggs and fried some spuds for breakfast.

Lou and I went to the OSH hardware store to get some things including the 12 sack concrete limit the car can carry. Unfortunately they only have weak steel post bases so those will come from somewhere else.

I made a couple of more trips and now have a pretty good stack of concrete bags to start pouring the post bases. I hate to run short in the middle of a pour. I found good heavy gauge post bases at Home Depot. i don't get the concrete there mostly because I don't have to handle the loading at the store at OSH.

Lou Dawn and I took a walk after dinner to the California Avenue shopping district near home.

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