Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Actual Progress

Monday: (11/09) Ernie and I finished the front of Lou's new shed. It still needs a door but it is a building now. Lou and Dawn were in San Jose for a meeting in the morning.

Well, it happened again. We finally lit the pilot light on our heater at home. It's been getting cooler and is almost cold at times now. I guess when I had to abandon my short pants a couple of days ago that it was near the end of summer. Hopefully we'll get out of here for warmer climate soon.

Breakfast was leftover omelet with English muffin. lunch was a visit to Carl's jr and a bacon avocado burger. Lou fixed enchiladas for dinner with re-fried beans.

Tuesday: (11/10) Ernie and I put away the collected tools and stuff piled on the shop table. We also installed the ridge cap on the new shed roof. Until the front was in place, I wasn't sure it would remain standing if I leaned onit and getting to the middle of the roof ridge requires leaning on the roof. Our final accomplishment was building and installing the shed door. All done. It's now Lou's turn to arrange shelves and move in.

Ernie fixed eggs, home fried spuds and sausage for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit cocktail for lunch. Lou fixed fried fish, brown rice, and asparagus for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/11) Lou was very busy moving her molds into the new shed. Dawn, Courtney and Ernie assisted. It should take 2 or three more days to complete the move. Lou needs to update her inventory sheets to show the current locations as she moves them. I worked at cleaning out her old building and moving it to the rear of the yard temporarily. We now have a path to get the trailer into the yard.

It was cool enough that Dawn and Courtney started a campfire in the afternoon and we enjoyed in the evening too.

PBJ English muffins for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Ernie fixed corned beef with corn on the cob and his baked potato slices for dinner.

Thursday: (11/12)First thing was to adjust the shelf levels on one of Lou's shelves in her mold shed. Today, the Chinese pine tree by the driveway got a serious trim.

After an early dinner I went down to Adobe headquarters in downtown San Jose for a meeting of the Silvafug, another Adobe user group. It was my first visit with this group. Chet Haase a Flex SDK desine engineer spoke about the rules of animation for applications as compared to Disney's 12 rules of animation. It was very interesting to get a set of rules for use in developing web applications.

PBJ English muffins for breakfast. Left over treasures from the refrigerator for lunch. Courtney fixed chicken, pomegranate waffles for dinner.

Friday: (11/13) Friday the 13th!

Everyone took a day off today.  Ernie and I went over to Roger's Camping trailers for the walk through on Ernie's trailer.His trailer will be delivered Tuesday. Lou, Dawn and I took a walk around the recently remodeled Stanford Town And Country Shopping Center in the evening.

We all went to Anne's Coffee Shop in Menlo Park for breakfast. I had something from the lunch menu, baked hash. Dawn had Alaskan Benedict, Lou corned beef hash, Ernie Sausage and eggs. Since we had a late breakfast we had an early dinner of steak, brown rice, and fresh spinach.

Saturday: (11/14) Lou was busy moving molds. She made great progress getting most of the stuff moved into the shed. We started by moving another shelf into the shed and I cut a few boards to optimize the shelves. My major effort was watching Lou work providing an occasional assist. I did move a few last items out of the way and cut the boards needed to level the trailer. I'm ready.

Popcorn for breakfast. Ernie fixed potato soup and home made saltine crackers for dinner.

Sunday: (11/15) Lou finished getting here stuff into the shed except for some odds and ends that she will go through later when she gets another shelf for the shed. It's on order but wasn't available in time. We filled two carts with all the remaining molds and cleaned up the deck and are ready to receive Ernie's trailer.

Ernie prepared pancakes for breakfast. Courtney took us out to Buca de Beppo for lunch. We had a Caesar salad, fettuccine Alfredo and garlic cheese toast. Dinner was left over enchiladas.

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