Monday, November 2, 2009

Falling Back

Monday: (11/02) The time change is always a challenge. Our cell phones, fortunately, automatically follow the correct time. The VCR's now set themselves to the correct time as broadcast by PBS. I did remember to reset our main clock back as required. But, that was it. Dawn needed to get up early so asked me to set the alarm. Since our old alarm clock failed, we're using the battery travel clock from the RV in the house. I set it and it woke us up at 6:30 as requested by Dawn. Unfortunately, the time on it had not been changed so the alarm had actually gotten Dawn and Lou up at 5:30. Sorry about that. I then followed through and reset the alarm clock, the car, and the microwave.

Since we had plenty of time. I got up and went with Lou to drop Dawn off at the light rail train. We had breakfast on the way at the Hong Kong Bakery, baked pork buns. After we dropped Dawn off we headed over to Home Depot for a few things and also returned some surplus items.

When we returned, the contractor was busy back-filling the holes on our street. Evidently, the new pipe passed the pressure tests.

Ernie and I worked on digging a trench to bury some pipes and wires for the sprinklers that were attached to the old wooden deck.

Breakfast was baked pork buns from Hong Kong Bakery. Lunch was popcorn with Parmesan cheese. Dinner was fish with quinoa and green beans.

Tuesday: (11/03) Ernie and I finished burying the sprinkler pipes that had been attached to the deck.

Egg, cheese and sausage English muffins' for breakfast. McDonald's snack wrap for lunch. Lou make spaghetti with a green salad and fresh pineapple for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/04) Ernie and I removed some stumps and roots and the dirt in the raised flower bed behind where the deck was. Everything is back down to sidewalk level now.

The gas line contractor patched most of the holes on our street. Previously there were a lot of speed bumps where they left traffic plates over the big holes they used to replace the pipes. We should get some parking back on the street now.

PBJ English muffin's for breakfast. Bologna and Swiss cheese sandwiches for lunch. Ernie fixed macaroni and cheese with corn for dinner.

Lou's Molds Waiting For New Home Raised Base For Lou's Mold Storage Shed
Thursday: (11/05) Lou's moved all her molds out of her existing dilapidated shed and prepared them for moving into the new shed. There are quite a few molds. Ernie and I started assembling one of the metal sheds. Not wanting to let anything be easy, we started by building a pedestal so the roof can be higher (above right). The pedestal also levels the side walls since the old concrete slab that was under the wood deck is not level.

The Deck Fence Was Too Good To Go To The Dump So Placed At Rear Of Yard A Mess Made To Cleanup
Waffles and sausage for breakfast. Spaghetti for lunch. Leftover spaghetti, with stuffed mushrooms and grapes for diner.

Friday: (11/06) Ernie, Lou and I left about 10am. We had three RV's to see. First appointment wasn't until 1pm in Concord. We had a list of RV dealers in the East bay as well. After crossing the Dumbarton Bridge We stopped at the closest RV dealer, Roger's Camping Trailers in Fremont just across the bay. It's a small dealer we've never visited before. They didn't have many trailers but did have two used trailer s. One was a tent trailer the other a 1991 24' Nomad trailer. The Nomad was in really good shape and priced equal to the lesser quality FBO trailers we've seen. we liked it.

We continued on to look at a used Tioga Class C RV in Concord which was in good shape but priced higher than most similar we've seen. We then went to Oakley to see a really cheap travel trailer but it had seen better days. We continued our tour by heading back West to Novato to see a nice 3 year old travel trailer. It was in good shape but had many repairs including many bad patches to the rubber roof reportedly caused by a malicious awning. it also looked like it had a rear wend collision. No thanks.

We returned toward home across the Golden Gate Bridge through San Francisco during rush hour stopping for dinner in Millbrae.

Breakfast at Jack in the box. Lunch at a shopping mall in Concord. Ernie had Parmesan chicken, I had a slice of stuffed pizza. Lou had some rach and bacon fries. Dinner at Neal's Coffee Shop in Millbrae. Lou and I had shrimp fettuccine. Ernie had the corned beef hash breakfast.

Saturday: (11/07) Our Friday night dinner out with Dawn and Courtney became breakfast this morning at Dina's Poolside Cafe just down the street.

Ernie and I then drove across the Dumbarton Bridge again to Roger's Camping Trailers to buy the Nomad trailer. It's the best we've seen and was at the right price. It's a two door short 24' trailer, has lots of storage, a corner bed, a nice dinette with a drop down bunk above. Should be nice for Ernie and the dogs.

I spent a little time working on the base for the new metal shed for Lou's molds.

At Dina's Poolside Cafe Lou, Dawn, Courtney and I shared a couple of Nunley omelets. Ernie had a bacon and Swiss omelet. We haven't been there in at least a couple of years. The gardens adjacent to the pool are really nice. Cottage cheese and fruit cocktail for lunch. Lou got a new used wave cooker today and prepared dinner in it. Broccoli, cauliflower, steak and leftover quinoa.

Sunday: (11/08) Ernie, Lou and I erected the first metal shed. It wasn't all that easy since were not going to use the front and doors and that's what the instructions started with. So, we winged it and erected it without following directions requiring the removal and reassembly of a few items but all went well. Tomorrow we'll build the front.

Breakfast was one of Lou's baked egg omelets. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Penne pasta with white sauce, broccoli, carrots, and asparagus with roast beef for dinner.

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