Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ernie's New Home To Be

Ernie's Nomad Trailer Looking Toward Rear At Kitchen and Bed in Rear

Ernie has a new home, almost.  We Started looking in earnest for Ernest's home recently. We had been looking for either a class A or B motorhome or a travel trailer. We don't have anything that could move a fifth wheel so that was ruled out. We also decided that a travel trailer was better since it won't need a motor because it won't be moving. Finding a good trailer is difficult both because good used RV's are hard to find and because there aren't too many good trailer floor plans.

Lots Of Closet Space Looking Toward Front At Dinette
We seemed to have found both a good floorplan and a good unit at an equally important good price. It's a 1991 Nomad 24' trailer. We found it at Roger's Camping Trailers in Fremont, Ca. We thought we couldn't find a good used RV at the best price at a dealer but Rogers really surprised us. They only had a couple of used units but one was what we wanted. Even though it is short, it has lots of closet and storage space and includes two doors. We'll probably be putting a dog door in the bedroom door.

Ernie's Shower Ernie's Bathroom
Unlike most of the units we looked at, it seems well built even having a one piece shower.

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