Monday, June 7, 2010

Old Volvo Repairs And A Sick Dishwasher

Monday: (06/07) I had an early doctor's appointment. About 11am, Lou and I stopped by Holder's Country Inn in Cupertino for breakfast. They make the best omelets and Swedish pancakes. In the afternoon we made a run to Costco and tinkered some more in the yard. Lou and Dawn made a visit to a couple of thrift stores. It takes a while for them to get to all of them. For dinner we utilized a two for one coupon for some Pizz'a Chicago pizzas, our neighborhood parlor.

Tuesday: (06/08) Election Day. That was the first order of business for the day. Breakfast was leftover pizza. As was my lunch and dinner. I said it was good. Lou had  lunch with our neighbor's mother. I replaced the rear door struts in our old car and a door lever on the new (toad). I still have to replace the engine protection pan that got battered on our rough travels the past few months. But that will be done another day. I also did  some more drip system setup.

Wednesday: (06/09) My breakfast was our leftovers from our Monday breakfast. Lou had yogurt on granola for her breakfast. We headed down toward San Jose window shopping along the way. We stopped for a late lunch at the Hometown Buffet. Coincidental good timing. Seniors get a special extra discount from 1-3pm. When we finally got down to Dawn's place we got to work. We could only avoid it so long. Our tenant complained about the dishwasher not working. Actually they called a month ago while we were on the road. They said it was making all the right noises but wasn't cleaning. I told them to check the filter. They couldn't figure out how to do it even with my suggestions so had to wait. When I checked it it was exactly what i had suggested, but even worst than i suspected. There was what appeared to be huge chunks of gravel like stuff filling the filter. They water there has either gotten much worse or somebody put some thing in it. In any case I couldn't get it all out and will have to return with a wet/dry vac to complete the job tomorrow. I plan for other tasks so Lou and i removed a dead apricot tree.  It was about 10 inches in diameter so my little Ryobi cordless chain saw had to work a little to bring it down. The new lithium batteries are really worth their high price. I bought two small batteries and one brought the tree down and trimmed up a good portion of it. The other completed the trimming and made a couple of additional cuts through the trunk to make manageable logs to cart away. But, I'll have to complete the job tomorrow with fresh batteries to make a couple more cuts in the remaining big piece of the trunk. With the tree remnants loaded in the car there wasn't room for me. In addition Lou was there to pickup Dawn and bring her home via all the thrift stores along the way so I caught a bus home. Lou and Dawn had chicken and rice for dinner while I had some leftover sauerbratten and rice and some sauerkraut, potatoes and pork.

Thursday: (06/10) Cereal with yogurt for breakfast. I was off early toward San Jose again but visited Home Depot, Lowe's, and Micro Center on my way. I needed a few things and also like to look, especially at the computer store. When I finally got on track, I continued on to San Jose with a stop at the House Of Eggrolls in Santa Clara for lunch. best eggrolls around. In San Jose I fixed the dishwasher, a broken upper shelf and an awful lot of calcium buildup flaking off inside the filter. I completed removing all the calcium gravel and gave the dishwasher a test drive. AOK. Mission two was to remove more trees. There are lots of junk trees all over the yard fro twig sized to three inches. I removed them all and dissected them into the compost bin. Final project was to reactivate Dawn's cooler for the season. Dinner was roast chicken, asparagus, and Spanish rice.

Friday: (06/11)  We started the day with French toast and bacon. Then Lou and I returned to San Jose. We removed a whole lot of wisteria and reduced it to appropriated sized chunks for the compost bin. We have to cart off all the debris so will have to return to collect the pervasive leaves piled on the roof later,unless then magically blow away. For lunch we shared a super burrito from Super Taqueira nearby. We also discovered a serious leak in the plumbing that we'll have to return to fix as well. Never ending! we stopped at many appliance shops looking for a cheap good new range for the kitchen as well. Time for a weekend off now. Dinner was Dawn's sausage and kale soup.

Saturday: (06/12) I worked on the drip watering system. Lou and Dawn were busy with visits to garage and estate sales. A piece of Ernie's cherry pie for breakfast. Leftover pork, sauerkraut and potatoes for lunch. KFC chicken for dinner.

Sunday: (/06/13) Breakfast was cereal and bananas. We emptied out the RV in preparation of its going to the shop tomorrow. Wow, there is a lot of stuff that we carry that we never use. Maybe it wont all be returned.

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