Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And More Fencing, When I Can't Avoid It

Wednesday: (08/18) A little layout work was done on the fence, then a little post hole digging, then some material pickup. Pretty much avoided real work today too.

Cheerios with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Leftover hominy and pork for lunch. Beef wellington for dinner.

Thursday: (08/19) I spent the day digging the post holes for the fence posts then took a load of dirt to the dump.

Cheerios with yogurt and honey for breakfast. I cooked up a bunch of sausage we got a few days ago so they can be frozen. Dinner was a chili and sausage size. Lou and Dawn were out in San Jose all day and until late

Forms Ready To Pour For Fence Bases
Friday: (08/20) I spent the day installing the tube forms for the fence bases. Now ready to pour the concrete tomorrow.

Lou fixed an mushroom omelet for breakfast. Stuffed tomatoes with salmon for lunch. Dawn made sausage and vegetable soup and Lou made corn bread for dinner.

Saturday: (08/21) Ernie and I filled the forms with concrete in the morning and then relaxed the rest of the day.

Lou was busy cleaning out the cottage (storage shed). She and Dawn also were busy taking books to the recycle book stores. Unfortunately at one they didn't seem to understand how to do it. She left with a store credit and two more books than she left?

PBJ English muffins for breakfast. I had a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips and an avocado for lunch. Lou and Dawn had roast chicken. Dinner was leftover vegetable soup and Pescadero olive bread.

Sunday: (08/22) Whole wheat pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I removed most of the forms from the fence bases but left the paper tubes because the concrete isn't dry enough yet. I also pruned at our Japanese maple tree which was quite stressed with no water until we came home. Lou is still busy cleaning out the cottage. We went to lunch at the Sunny Chinese Buffet with our neighbor. I took a nice afternoon nap to recover from lunch. Lou was busy unfluffing her the cottage. She had taken every thing out and rearranged it and cleaned but needed to get it all back inside before the lawn sprinklers run tonight. I stripped the paper tubes off the fence bases. Tomorrow the rest of the base between the post bases will be formed for pouring.

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