Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Garage Sale

Friday: (08/13) Today was mostly busy getting stuff out for the garage sale. I helped with the big stuff and completed removing the old post bases.

Maple sugar oatmeal for Breakfast. Ham sandwiches for lunch. Pizza for dinner.

Wilton Garage Sale Wilton Garage Sale
Saturday: (08/14) Today was garage sale day. Since I guarded the piles last night by sleeping in the RV and watching out the window I missed some sleep as people came by to take their late night looks. Nobody took anything, just browsed. I enjoyed an afternoon nap to make up. Our sale includes stuff from four of our neighbors as well. We only did OK today. Garage sales are not for making money anyway. they are to get rid of junk and avoid it's going directly to the dump or thrift stores. What doesn't sell won't be staying around after the sale.

Oat bran hot cereal for breakfast with yogurt and honey. Leftover piza for lunch. For dinner I made hominy with fire roasted tomatoes, salsa, onions, mushrooms, and diced pork chops.

Sunday: (08/15) The second day of our garage sale went much like yesterday. By 4pm visitors had disappeared so we packed stuff up, cleared the lawn and driveway and looked pretty much normal again. I brought back the RV to fill the driveway again. Most of the stuff will be picked up Tuesday for a thrift store. We left some things out with "free" signs on them . Three half used tires and a composter. (Monday morning while we were out the tires found a home.) Lou took Dawn home to San Jose this evening.

Supreme croissant sandwiches for breakfast from Jack In The Box. Leftover hominy casserole for lunch. Subway sandwiches for dinner.

Monday: (08/16) Lou and I went up to Redwood City for breakfast at the Talk Of Broadway Cafe, a nice little cafe downtown that fixes excellent stuff. After breakfast, Lou examined the Saver's Thrift Store. She must feel we need to restock after our garage sale? Then we stopped at the Grocery outlet for a few things since we were there.

When we're home enjoying our tea and watch perry Mason on TV we were disturbed by a call from our neighbor who was trying to stop people from taking her garage sale leftovers piled by the curb at here house. She intended them for a charity and asked them not to take the stuff but they kept loading so Lou went out and made them unload their truck. That's why we didn't leave our stuff out. It's nice that stuff may find a good home but these scavengers aren't taking it for personal use just for flea market sales. We did leave a few things that the charity pickup probably wouldn't want out with signs marked "free". It was on the opposite side of our yard from our neighbors pile. We were happy to see the three tires that Lou was saving disappear. They would have cost us $10 each to deliver to the dump. Now if only our composter would find a good home. It's a Cadillac of composters. It's much easier for Dawn to have her worm farm and let the City handle the composting.

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