Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fencing Phase Two

Saturday: (08/07) Lou fixed kale, tomatoes, onions, eggs, mushrooms and cheese for breakfast. I tinkered in my office most of the morning. Lou and Dawn went off to the Santa Clara County Fair. It's not much of a fair and it may be the last one held o they wanted to go. Lunch was leftover enchiladas. After lunch I went outside and got to work. I removed the next section of fence to start rebuilding it. Lou fixed taco soup for dinner.

Sunday: (08/08) Bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. I started by picking plums from the neighbors tree.

Car Load Of Dirt
I broke out some more old concrete fence base then dug out some dirt and hauled a load of dirt to the dump. Lunch was leftover Enchiladas. Next, I hauled a load of concrete rubble to the dump. Enough for today. Our friends Pete and Debbie stopped by for a visit. Dinner was pizza. Our neighbors Larry and Frannie dropped off a couple of pizzas, extras from an event they attended. That was fortuitous. Lou hadn't decided what was for dinner until then.

(08/09) I tinkered with the computer much of the morning getting some pictures ready for the blog. I haven't posted any pictures since we returned home the first of June. Now I have.

Eventually, I went outside and faced up to the task at hand, working on the fence. I moved a bunch of baby tears plants then broke out the old fence base. The jackhammer makes fast work of that task. Now the car is loaded ready for a trip to the dump tomorrow.

Leftover pizza for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Lou fixed a Chinese concoction for dinner. Rice noodles tofu, chicken, and all sorts of vegetables. Ernie baked some plum pies using the plums I plucked yesterday.

Tuesday: (08/10) Lou fixed Don McMuffins for breakfast. I started by taking the load of concrete debris to the dump. Brunch was a slice of plum pie. I drove a neighbor to a doctors appointment.  Lou fixed chorizo salad for lunch. After lunch I took Dawn down to San Jose and worked on anchoring the water heater and softener.

Wednesday: (08/11) Maple sugar oatmeal for breakfast. First task of the day was to put away all the tools and stuff I threw in the car to use in San Jose. While I was at it I cleaned out my tool bags, moved in to a new tool pouch, and cleaned off the workbench in the shop. Lou fixed corn on the cob and sausage for lunch.

The Car All Loaded With Dirt For the Dump Old Fence Removed For Replacement
After lunch I loaded the car with dirt and went to the dump. Upon return it was time for a piece of plum pie. Then the car was loaded again with dirt and another run to the dump. Lou had an an appointment and Dawn worked on going through her books. They both have been busy getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. Lou fixed chili beans for dinner.

Thursday: (08/12) Today was a busy day. Three loads of dirt to the dump, two before lunch and one after just before the dump closed. The first two loads were from the garden spot whicj is nearing completion of the excavation. With our soil, it's more like breaking it our with the hard clay. The afternoon was spent digging out for the new fence base and starting to remove the old post remnants.

French toast for breakfast. Leftover Chinese noodles and vegetables for lunch. Leftover chili beans for dinner.

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