Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dawn's Birthday

Tuesday: (11/09) Another nice day. First I enjoyed my tea as I watched Perry Mason, a typical morning activity.

Shop Entrance Concrete Pad
I poured the concrete pad for the shop entrance today. All went well. The yard had mostly dried out. Unfortunately, it never warmed up much so the concrete took forever to dry and therefore I waited around a lot to do the finishing. While I waited I cleaned up the yard including moving most of the yard plants into the greenhouse. That was a couple of weeks early but a convenient time. With the time change, it sure gets dark early now. I also put away the unused 5 bags of concrete, not enough to do anything.

Dawn's Sugar Cane
Dawn harvested some of her sugar cane.

After calling it a day and having dinner while watching the evening news weather report I learned that the forecast had changed and it would rain tonight. So, I went out and covered the concrete, which still hadn't dried enough to do a brush finish. It started sprinkling an hour later.

Leftover omelet and corned beef hash for breakfast. Grilled olive loaf and cheese sandwiches for lunch. More leftovers for dinner. Mashed potatoes. asparagus, bok choy, and chicken with corn salsa.

Wednesday: (11/10) Happy birthday Dawn!

The sky was clear for a little while and the rain is gone.

I stripped the forms from the concrete pad and cleaned the area up. It's still very raw due to the rain. I also put a few more and hopefully the last of the plant into the green house. After that I cleaned up and spent some time at the computer keyboard.

Dawn's Birthday Cake
Lou fixed French toast with berries and sausage for breakfast. We went to Chevy's for lunch and didn't need dinner other than a piece of Dawn's birthday cake from the Hong Kong Bakery..

Thursday: (11/11) Veteran's Day. Thanks to those who serve(d)! A sunny day. Lou fixed eggs and sausage with some leftover potatoes for breakfast. I made the mistake of calling Ross Equipment in San Jose too early. They are the only place that does RV wheel alignment nearby. They said bring it right in. I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet but had to dash off. They took it right in and had the alignment done before noon. But, they also need to get some parts to fix the steering as well so I'll be coming back in a week or so. On the way home I stopped at Walmart and bought a new TV for the bedroom in the RV. I attached it to the wall like the previous TV but needed to build a stronger support for the bigger TV. Lunch was leftovers from the fridge. Lou had been down in San Jose working at Dawn's apartment. She called when she got back in town and we went to Costco for some things and dinner. i had a slice of pizza and Lou a polish dog. I stopped at OSH hardware for some hardware to finish installing the TV in the RV and then picked Dawn up in Mountain View. Busy day.

Friday (11/12) Sunny and nice today. The cool of fall is very present though. The trees have really been dropping their leaves, almost like rain. I fixed eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast. We took a long walk around the neighborhood including looking at a couple of open houses. We tinkered in the yard much of the day. Dinner was roast chicken, carrots and some of Dawn's bread of the day, bleu cheese and leek.

Saturday: (11/13) Lou fixed a Swiss chard and cheese omelet for breakfast. I spent the day tinkering in the RV and familiarizing myself with the problem with the Datastorm antenna. Since i haven't looked at it since it went out last April it took a little while. Now i have examined it, tested it, and  trouble shot it. Looks like it is either a bad D3 or a bad UCB. I can't tell further so will probaly have to meet a tech with spare parts to get it fixed or try on at a time waiting for shipping from the manufacturer. Could be fun. Not much more to do until Monday now. Dawn and i went up to Redwood City. Dawn visited the library there and the Savers thrift store. i returned some stuff to the hardware store there and, of course, got some things there as well. Drip tubing and sprinkler parts. Then i visied the Grocery outlet there and picked up a couple of tings i couldn't pass up. then Dawn was ready and we stopped at the Big lots store for a look. Dawn fixed hot and sour chicken soup for dinner. After dinner, I walked over to Fry's Electronics for a look and to pick up some parts. I want to make a manual dish control box so if the Motosat disk sticks in the up position again, I can get it down and parked a little easier.

Sunday: (11/14) I got up and out early enough to adjust the RV tire pressure and re-setup the tire pressure monitor. For some unknown reason, every time the professionals at the tire or RV shops check the tire pressure, they inflate it to the maximum presure on the tire sidewalls. the correct pressure for my RV is much less so it was just a matter of releasing air to get to the correct pressure when they were all cool. We went down to Sunnyvale to Lowe's to pick up some molding and stopped in a Sprout's for some produce and Kob Hill Market for our olive loaf. For our afternoon walk we looked in on some open houses at a development nearby.

Apple pie for breakfast.  Chicken salad for lunch. Beef franks with cabbage and onions for dinner.

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