Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Week

Vote early and often!

(11/01) I started with a trip to the hardware store, found everything I needed but couldn't find my wallet. It was at home, so that's where I went. So I actually started the day with two trips to the hardware store. I then did some almost final work on the sideyard sprinkler upgrade. It was started several years ago before I poured the sidewalk there but never fully enabled before it was tornup some to make way for the extra thikness of the house walls due to the siding installation a couple of years ago. When I turned it on I found I had forgotton to fix one of the risers so I'll get to that tomorrow. I also installed a permanent waterline to the cooler. It was installed at the same time as the sprinkler line but needed some copper lines to complete it and eliminate its temporary supply by hose.

Lou was busy working on the living room floor finish coats and working on her dolls. It was a nice clear day today.

Lou fixed eggs, home fries and smoked pork chops which we enjoyed in the arbor in the backyard. Lunch was leftovers. I had spaghetti. I fixed corned beef hash for dinner.

(11/02) Dawn had a meeting in San Jose today. Lou and I went to Lowe's to get some molding for the living room baseboard. We also stopped a few other places since we were passing by, including the Sprout's market in Sunnyvale. At home, I finished fixing the side yard sprinklers which now also water our front patio area where Lou installed some brick paver tiles that have space between them where she planted some mint ground cover.Lou waxed the last of the living room floor. It was waxed in sections as it was refinished with the furniture stuffed here and then there to make room.

Lou wanted to go to the Los Altos Pancake House for breakfast. Yhe last time we were there she spotted what we learned to be apple pancakes. It obviously stuck in her mind. It's a dutch baby like pancake with apples and caramelized sugar all much like a bread pudding cinnamon roll with apples. It was good and now that is off her bucket list. Lunch was leftovers. I had the last of the spaghetti. For dinner Lou took a lot of the refrigerator remnants and made an interesting meal. Some leftover quinoa, couscous, gnocchi, and some Italian sausage in a garlic alfredo sauce with some Parmesan cheese and yogurt. It actually went together well.

Wednesday: (11/03) Another nice day, clear skies and warmer with an expected 79 degrees today. Well, the election is over and the electorate has voted, not well in most of the country though. It does pay to put your corporate money into most elections. I fear we're in for even more stormy weather.

Dawn and I were up early to do the commute up to Oakland so she can attend a meeting. Lou fixed a nice breakfast of eggs, sausage and leftover hash. I hate driving in traffic, not because it's difficult but rather because it shouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately, to take public transit would have probably increased our travel time. Further, we'd have had to got through San Francisco and they're having a parade for the Giants today so that might have increase the load on transit. It took us 1.5 hours to arrive in Oakland. I dropped Dawn off and then took a walk-about in the downtown area, out to Lake Merritt and then enjoyed some relaxing time in a mall, across form where Dawn was, using the free Wifi to post this.

Dawn and I had lunch in Foster City at a Harry's Hoffbrau. We each had a cup of soup and a half pastrami sandwich. I had white bean soup she had beef barley soup. I fixed chilli sizs for dinner.

Thursday: (11/04) Lou fixed French toast with sausage for breakfast. I took Dawn up to San Carlos for a test for a job at Samtrans. She's had a busy week. I used a local Starbucks WiFi to update the blog while I waited. i also did some looking in the area, I stopped by the local Best Buy, the largest around, where they have a large selection of electric bikes and scooters. Interesting stuff. We stopped at Whole Foods for lunch on the way home. We shared a Northbeach sandwich and some white bean soup. Dawn fixed some steamed vegetables with hamburger for dinner.

Friday: (11/05) A little overcast this morning. I got busy in the yard digging out for a concrete pad at the shop entrance. I need to use up the remaining bags of concrete mix.

The storage tent needed some grommets repaired
I also repaired one of the walls to our storage tent. It needed some grommets installed to replace some snap fasteners that failed. Lou was busy rearranging her storage shed to get the kiln out front for easier use.

Temporary stepping Stones for back yard
I placed some kidney shaped stepping stones  out leading toward the green house and shop. I'll be installing a wakway next spring but the stepping stones should help to control the mud during the coming storms. The yard is already muddy with just the little storms we've recently had.

Oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. We had chicken sandwiches and potato wedges from KFC for lunch. Lou fixed a nice roast beef with some of the red potatoes Dawn grew and a nice salad from the garden, tomatoes, Swiss chard, broccoli greens, with some avacado. We also had some of Dawn's just baked Jerusalem artichoke bread.

Dawn's Winter Garden Dawn's Garden with transplanted tomato vines
Dawn's Winter Garden, from dirt to a nice salad in 30 days.

Dawn's potato crop
Dawn grew these potatoes in a planter in the backyard. next year there will be more in the real garden.

Saturday: (11/06) I moved some baserock into the hole I dug yesterday for the shop door pad. The baserock has been in storage for the past year in a pile by the arbor with plants on top. I took advantage of the move to move some of the plants to the green house and trim some others. Lou and I went to Home Depot to get some rebar and dobbies for the pad I'm pouring.

Base rock and rebar  installed and ready to pour shop entrance pad Base rock and rebar installed and shop entrance pad ready to pour.
When we returned I also installed the form and rebar for the pad. It's ready to pour now but, unfortunately, it's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe Monday I'll get to pour it. Lou was busy tacking down the baseboard molding in the living room. After dinner lou and I went by Lowe's again to get some more molding and some nail on chair leg caps. the stick on pads have been popping off. We also stopped at the market for  couple of things.

Leftover French toast for breakfast with strawberry preserves. Olive loaf and cheese sandwiches with avocado for lunch. Dawn made some vegetable beef soup for dinner.

Sunday: (11/07) It rained all day today. I took advantage of the weather and stayed inside doing as little as possible. I'm easy to convince. Lou finished tacking on the baseboards in the living room. There was a break in the rain so we walked up to the California Avenue shopping area about a mile North. we had a good downpour before we left. It's a good thing we had our umbrellas. On the way home Lou took a fall on a slippery metal utility cover straining her hand and or thumb.

Lou fixed latkas (potato pancakes) with ham and eggs for breakfast. Dawn's vegetable soup for lunch. Pot roast for dinner.

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