Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks Giving Week

Monday: (11/22) I got up really early to hookup the jeep and get down to San jose to Russ Equipment to get the steering repairs completed to finish the front end alignment. I dropped it off and head to breakfast then did a little shopping at Target while I waited for 10am. One of the computer user groups I belong to uses Meetup for meeting notifications. While I was looking atthe site a few days ago i searched some of  the other groups and found some hiking groups. One group is called the Monday Hikers. Not too original but a very good description since they meet somewhere in the South bay area to hike for a couple of hours every Monday morning at 10am. It's kind of far for me normally but since I was there anyway I took a hike with them along Los Alamitas creek in South San Jose. Another group meets at our Nearby Caltrain Station for their hikes all over the bay area. I'll be trying them out in a week or so.

Breakfast burrito at La Victoria in San Jose. Egg rolls and shrimp from House of Egg Rolls in Santa Clara on the way home. Dinner was from Jack In The Box.

(11/23) A special day, Lou's birthday. A little rain today but definitely winter has arrived because it is quite cold. Lou got to play all day except for when we were out to lunch. On the way back home we visited a couple of thrift stores. Dawn found three seasons of NCIS for me at one.

No breakfast. We went to Andy's BBQ in Santa Clara for Lou's special meal. Andy's has won the award for best BBQ in Silicon Valley and deservedly so. Lou had beef ribs and roast pork with fries, Dawn had a tri-tip sandwich and I had baby back rids and coleslaw. All very good. An afternoon treat was a shared eggnog milkshake from Jack In The Box. Baked potatoes and leftover ribs for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/24) Lou and Ernie have been busy yesterday and today preparing the thanksgiving feast. The turkey was roasted yesterday and carved today. Ernie baked the pies today. I relaxed. The weather has turned to winter-like. We had our first frost this morning.

Leftovers for breakfast. p had a strawberry waffle and sausage. Lou had some pumpkin custard. Lou made split pea soup for lunch. For dinner a tofu and mushroom salad.

Thursday: (11/25) Thanksgiving Day. Another cold night and not too warm day. I pretty much did nothing other than move a 4x8' sheet of plywood in for the expanded table top. Ernie and Lou were busy doing the final preparation but there wasn't too much to do since much was done Monday and Tuesday.

Let's see, what did we have for dinner? Oh, yeh, turkey. And of course, al the fixings. Roast turkey, mashed spuds, gravy,  creamed peas withe pearl onions, green beans with bacon and pecans, stuffing, yams, fruit salad, cranberry sauce. Dinner was about 1pm so I didn't bother with breakfast. Supper was leftover dinner. And then there were the pies. Ernie made an apple and a mince meat pie. Dawn made pumpkin custard (pie without a crust), There were also some pumpkin cranberry muffins made by our neighbors daughters Ping and An An. Eight for dinner. Our usual crew including Courtney and our neighbor Meilie and her daughters Ping and An An

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