Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joshua Tree NP, Lost Horse Trail

Wednesday: (03/30) We were out early to hike the Lost Horse Mine Trail. It's two miles out to the mine and either return or continue on the 4.2 mine return loop. Lou did the former, I the later. The two miles out to the mine pass through an area that was burnt out recently so not to pretty. The mine was interesting. From the peak above the mine you get great views of Pleasant Valley below to the East.

Lost Horse Mine Lost Horse Mine Trail
The Lost Horse Mine Trail starts a mile or out on a side road from the road to Keys View. The trail is a loop trail with one leg of 2 miles out to the mine and another 4.2 mile return loop from there. We hiked out the 2 mile (left) side of the loop through an area that had been burnt out fairly recently. There is a nice example of a stamp mill there but it is difficult to get a good photo because of the high chain link fence. The main vertical mine shate is also behind the fence. The stamp mill is shown in both photos above, one from behind the mill an the other from across the wash.

Remains Of Miners Cabin Along The Lost Horse Mine Trail Flowers Along Lost Horse Mine Trail
I returned via the 4.2 mile trail while Lou returned via the same 2 mile trail. Her knee was used up already. The trail from the mill goes down the back side of the mountain quite a ways, very steeply, to another mine then back up a little and returns via another valley. It passes another mine and the remains of a cabin. Just the fireplace and a rusted cot. Along the trail I saw these rather rare red flowers. No fire damage and an excellent example of the Joshua Tree forests along this trail.

Lost Horse Mine Trail Lost Horse Mine Trail
It returns through an excellent joshua tree forest.

Breakfast was Don McMuffins with jalapeno loaf. Lunch was a chicken pot pie and hot coleslaw. Hamburgers and chips for dinner.

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