Thursday, February 2, 2012

Los Algodones, Mexico To The Dentist

Thursday: (02/02) Cereal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. We were off this morning a little before 8am toward Yuma for a few days. We stopped at Imperial Dam and paid a day use fee ($5) so we could use the sanitary dump and fill our water. Lou also took advantage of a long hot shower at the campground by Squaw Lake. Then we were off to Yuma to get some cash and then Los Algodones, Mexico to see the dentist and get rid of the cash. Glasses and dental work are much less expensive in Mexico and at least as good as at home but they only take cash.
We crossed into Mexico about noon, checked in at the dentist, no appoint had been made, and then went to lunch. While I waited in a really long line for our shrimp tacos, Lou checked at the optical shop by the line. She found some replacement frames for Dawn's glasses. They were 2 for 1 so Dawn will also have a spare frame, in addition to the repaired glasses, all for $30. Lou was back before I received my order from Lupita's Taco Stand. I also got one of their outstanding vanilla milk shakes. Always best to eat before going to the dentist. You never know how it will go. I got my teeth cleaned, a filling and a crown while Lou went shopping nearby. She also got to play with the pink poodle. The green and blue poodles were off duty today. The poodles act as official greeters in the dentist office waiting room. There was no line to return to the US, like usual , so we were back to the RV a little before 3pm. I return Saturday to get the permanent crown. We headed to Yuma, about 8 mile East from Andrade, Ca (Los Algodones, Mx). We examined several thrift stores then returned to the RV. We're camping in the parking lot at the casino for our dental visit. Leftover pizza for dinner
(GPS:32.73909752, -114.72168282)

Andrade Ca At Quetchen Casino
(02/03) We had ham and eggs breakfasts in the casino and then headed toward the Arizona Marketplace for a look. It's much like a visit to Quartzsite where you can get anything from BBQ sauce to a mobile home. We next visited the flea market on 4th Street. We stocked up on vegetables and fruit from our two visits. After our morning endeavors, we stopped at Eat's Chinese Buffet for lunch. A final stop at Walmarts for a few things and we returned to the RV to relax. Busy morning. Dinner was leftover ham, pepper onion and cheese salad.

Saturday: (02/04) Breakfast at the casino again this morning. I had an 11am appointment to get my new permanent crown installed. We were there an a little early since we didn't know whether it was Arizona time or California time. Appointments are Arizona time , the town is California time which is always a bit confusing. Unfortunately, the new crown got a crack in it so I need to return Monday afternoon for a new one. So we will now be here through Monday. We returned to the RV for lunch. We decided to move to a new position for a better view and solar. Leftover pizza with tangelos for lunch. Another visit downtown to look at some antique and thrift stores as well as some clothes shopping. We stopped at Goldsboro Bakery for cookies and and afternoon tea. Leftover chili with coleslaw for dinner.

Sunday: (02/05) Breakfast at the casino again this morning. After breakfast we went downtown and did our laundry. For lunch we stopped at Brownie's Cafe for lunch. Country fried steak for me and a chef's salad for Lou. After lunch we did some more shopping and looking at some mobile homes before returning to the RV. Dinner was cottage cheese and fruit. It was a nice day sunny but brezzy.

Monday: (02/06) Cereal for breakfast. Another visit to Los Algodones today. I got a hair cut and then we enjoyed some more shrimp tacos and milkshakes for lunch. After lunch we looked around the shops for a while then I made it to my 1pm dentist appointment. They were busy today so I didn't get in right away. When I did the result was much the same as Saturday.  The new crown was fitted perfectly and ready to cement in but they didn't do it because my gum had been inflamed by the temporary crown. So the temporary was trimmed and I'll be back on Wednesday to, possibly, get the new crown cemented in. Today there was a very long line to return to the US through Customs. When we returned we found a note on the windshield saying that they needed the RV lot for employee parking due to a concert this weekend and we would have to move, maybe. It's unclear if our actual parking space is included in the change? We enjoyed leftover chili for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/07) Leftover pizza for breakfast. Lou was off to make a detail visit to the thrift stores and other shopping all day. I tinkered at home on the computer. I had a cranberry bread cheese and beef log sandwich with cottage cheese and peaches for lunch. Lou visited KFC for chicken. In the late afternoon i took off on a walk around the reservation near the casino. Truely a bunch of nothing on the walk but it was good exercise since it was a couple miles in sand. We had a lasagna like pasta dish for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/08) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the Yuma Civic Center where there was supposed to be an indoor flea market. We found only a few vendors of homemade crafts and they charged admission so we didn't go in. We did learn of another sanitary dump in the park at the civic center. On our way to and from the flea market we spotted two new thrift stores not found with Google. They both required an examination. We then visited the Food City Market and picked up some things. They had fresh chorizo and a nice Mexican bakery so stocked up. We returned to the RV and then went to my 2pm dentist appoint. All went well and the new crown feel great. I wasn't walking well today so I stole Lou's cane for the day. It seems to be getting better now. We opted to catch the pedi-cab to cross the border since I wasn't walking well, Lou isn't either and the line to return to the US was even longer than we've seen before. The pedi-cabs cost $5 per person but get you across faster than the line because they get front of the line privileges in the auto lane because they are bikes. Lou make Chinese stir fry for dinner.

Dog On Fence By Pedicab Stop In Los Algodones Dog By Pedicab Stop In Los Algodones
These dogs were by the pedicab stop in Los Algodones. I can't figure out how the one on the left gets up or down through the wrought iron fence.

Yellow Flower Tree By Pedicab Stop In Los Algodones
Yellow flowering tree by the pedicab stop.

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