Tuesday, February 28, 2012

San Francisco, Rather Cool

Tuesday: (02/28) I attended some computer group meetings in San Francisco on occasion. Today is one of those occasions. Lou made hash-browned potatoes with bacon, intending to add eggs but we were out. Who needs eggs anyway, I try to restrict eggs anyway. Lou dropped me off on California Avenue at the bank. After visiting the bank I walked down to the train station and caught Caltrain to San Francisco. I ran an errand for Lou. She wanted some freezer labels and The Container Store in San Francisco has them, most places don't.

San Francisco Walkabout 2-28-2012 11-01
I happened by the sign above. Maybe this will be lunch?

San Francisco Walkabout 2-28-2012 12-37-3 San Francisco Walkabout 2-28-2012 12-38-2
With Labels obtained, I walked over to Coit Tower for a look around. I always like the walk up the stairs through the gardens to the lookout. While it was quite cold today and threatened rain, the clouds were pretty high so visibility was good. Nice views of the Golden Gate bridge and the bay. It must be nice to live here, especially if you're a cat.

San Francisco Walkabout 2-28-2012 12-45-3 San Francisco Walkabout 2-28-2012 12-50-0
Some nice bottle brush like flowering trees and the view from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I walked down into North Beach and stopped for lunch at the Golden Boy Pizza on Green Street near Columbus. I had their sausage pizza. Excellent low cost square pizza. Possibly the best pizza in the city. Usually, I'd take a good walk around the city but today since it's cold and since my legs are complaining I thought I'd just enjoy more people watching than usual. I grabbed another slice of pizza for dinner, this time at Blondie's Pizza on Powell Street near Market. Sausage pizza again. My BAADAUG meeting was at 6:30 at the Adobe Building in San Francisco. The topic was "HTML5: Features and Performance." The speaker was Sreeram Ramachandran one of Google's Engineers involved in increasing the speed of everyone's web experience. Quite interesting. It's been a year since I attended a BAADAUG meeting so this was even more interesting. While we've been on the road so much this year there were several meetings I would have liked to attend but not so much as to not be on the road. I used to be able to attend online but the meetings are no longer available that way.

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