Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Basin SP Berry Creek Falls Hike With The Meetup Group

Monday: (08/27) This morning I was off early to carpool with my San Jose Mid-Week Hikers Meetup group up to Big Basin State Park. I suggested this hike for the group and ended up as the guide for the hike. I hiked the same trail about a month ago when we were there for the Storytelling weekend. It's about a 10.5 mike hike. For some variety for me and because it should be an easier approach we hiked the loop trail in reverse from my previous hike. I tracked my route with the GPS and it is shown on the website linked below. Eight of us enjoyed the hike. The weather started off overcast and some fog but quickly turned into clear skies and nice weather. We all survived the 10.4 mile hike that took us 6 hours and 37 minutes averaging 1.6 mph. Rather a slow hike probably due to our stopping for the views. We had 3337 feet of up and 3264 feet of down per the GPS tracking. 

Big Basin SP Berry Creek Falls Hike Big Basin SP Berry Creek Falls Hike
Above is Golden Falls and on the right the group below Silver Falls.

Big Basin SP Berry Creek Falls Hike
While we were resting below Silver Falls we heard an extremely loud growling every now and then. We found it to be the trees we were standing under. They were rubbing each other due to some wind. When you touched them they really shook when they growled. My original thought was that the saskwash had found us again.

Big Basin, Berry Falls Trail Loop

I had breakfast at Jack In The Box on the way to meet my carpool. Lunch was at Golden Falls where I had tuna salad and crackers and some jerky. Sharon, one of our hikers made some brownies which were quite good when we got back to the car. Lou made steak wit hrice and carrots for dinner. 

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