Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Quick Trip To Pismo Beach

Saturday: (08/31) Leftover spinach lasagna for breakfast. We headed down to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach for the day. It was quite a drive but traffic wasn't bad, for a holiday. Effectively, we were on a shopping trip for Lou to get new shoes at her favorite shoe store in San Luis Obispo. A bonus was our dinner at Pismo Fish and Chips restaurant in Pismo Beach. And it was also a day out. It took us five hours to get to SLO because we stopped lots of places along the way. If fact, our first pit stop in Gilroy at Walmart provided me with some nice new, cheap short pants. At the next pit stop in Greenfield I found an excellent apple fritter, with apples in it at a mexican bakery there. In addition, the market there is an excellent Mexican market with a wonderful  Mexican deli and bakery. We had a good breakfast this morning so just snacked. Lou had a seafood cocktail and Dawn an apple and I had another goodie, a slice of Mexican cheese  cake. Yum! It's definitely where we will enjoy a good lunch of chili rellenos or tortas in the future. After another stop in Paso Robles at a thrift store and a garage sale we finally made it to SLO. Lou found two pairs of Birkenstocks in her style that fit, making the trip worthwhile. We looked around downtown for a while then headed off to an early fish and chips dinner. We finally left Pismo Beach a little after 7pm and were home about 11pm. Not a relaxing day for me with all the driving but a nice quick road trip. This trip reminds me of the kind we used to take while i was working. We rarely hurry when we travel in the RV but some times the RV is left parked in favor of the gas saving for a special trip like this.

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