Friday, August 23, 2013

Sanborn County Park Hike

Friday: (08/23) Leftovers from Chevy's for breakfast. I met my hiking group for a hike at Sanborn County Park. This was an exploration hike in an undeveloped area of the park like my last hike here. We had hoped to find a good loop route, and we did, but it wasn't anything like we planned. We ended up returning on a road rather than discovering a loop around Lake Ranch Reservoir. It was rather embarrassing when the trail we thought might return us around the lake brought us right back to the trail we came up at an intersection just 1/10 mile back. Nice hike all the same. After the hike I met Lou and Dawn for lunch at the Country Inn in Cupertino. Lou had lamb, Dawn a fruit salad and I had a chorizo omelet. When i got home I reinforced one of our tomato plants that had fallen over. The plants just keep growing up and the one that fell over was about 7 feet tall. The tomato ring is only 4 feet tall. I made it taller by extending it with another ring. This is the short plant. The other is over 9 feet tall and was reinforced a couple of days ago. After that I finished cutting off the metal slide ends so I can make it into a bench later. Then I fished the day by relaxing to recover from my hike. Lou made super nacho chips for dinner.

Sanborn County Park, Southeast Trails 2

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