Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hiding Some Dirt

Saturday: (08/17) A relaxing morning followed by a late breakfast. After breakfast I got to work in the backyard.

Starting the hike

I moved a bunch of heavy concrete blocks to make a retaining wall for my pile of dirt. Someday in the future when the pile grows big enough I'll get another dumpster and get rid of the dirt but for now, I try to hide it. I then plated a few aloe plats and other succulents as additional camouflage. After that i gave our recycle bins a good wash.

Wilton Swing 2094 Starting the hike

Next I got the sawsall out and cut off part of our old swing that made up some monkey bars and or a playhouse and observation deck that Dawn could use when she as little. More recently it just collected junk. Above left is as it was and above right is as it is now. I managed to break my 30 year old AC powered sawsall in the process. Most of the scrap metal made it into the recycle bin but I still need to cut some more when the batteries for my battery powered sawsall are ready. Breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. I had a bacon avocado omelet. Lou and Dawn shared ham and eggs while Ernie had pancakes. Very good but due to the weekend crowd it was served slowly. For dinner Dawn made a red pepper, onion, tomato and chicken soup something like hot gazpacho soup. Desert was different. Dawn had made some cordial from some of the fruit of our Asian pears tree. She had a mash left which she decided to turn into something like apple butter. When is was boiled down it reminded her of pumpkin filling so she made it into a pumpkin pie like thing. Very good. We're still waiting for the cordial to finish.

Sunday: (08/18) A relaxing morning. After our late breakfast, I did a little work, just a little. I chopped up all the rest of the part of the swing that i removed except for the slide. That would be too much for my cordless sawsall so will have to wait until I get a new one or fix the old one. The slide is made from a lot of 1/2 inch EMT conduit that has been welded together. The flat middle section will make a good bench for the yard, with a little work. I also planted a few more plants in my new cactus garden / dirt pile. After dinner I packed to head to San Jose. I met Lou at Harbor Freight where i bought a new, cheap sawsall and some work gloves. Lou got so better fitting grip gloves. I then continued on to Home Depot to return some things and to Lowe's where they had a special on water softener salt. The house in San Jose needs a water softener and it needs a stock of salt. Lou made bacon and eggs with potatoes for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. I had Lima bean soup. For dinner we had asparagus with ramen noodles and meat loaf.

Starting the hike

Our tomato plants are doing pretty good. Still no ripe tomatoes but pretty soon the giant will climb down or Jack will go up.

Monday: (08/19) I spent some time on the computer doing some banking. Then i visited OSH hardware for some things and stopped by the bank then returned home to actually start work. I finished sanding the front of the house where i had been working, sanded all the v grooves in the eves and stripped some paint that I missed. I think I'm ready to do some caulking and filling tomorrow. Granola for breakfast. Carrot pineapple salad with a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover red pepper, onion, tomato and chicken soup with leftover asparagus and some pastrami for dinner

Tuesday: (08/20) Our termite control maintenance requires a full inspection every three years so today was the day. No termites which is good but he did call a couple of minor fungi spots, white dust, so I'll probably have to crawl under the house sometime and spray them. After lunch I got to work, finally, doing some stucco patching on the fireplace and completing the paint removal on the chimney above the roof. I spent the evening repairing windows due to some windows being blank. Basically had to reinstall it so now I get to reinstall most of my programs. But I can see the windows now! Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. A super burrito from Super Taqueria for lunch. Chili and wieners for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/21) I repaired the stucco on the chimney around the flashing on the roof. I also did some spackleing and caulking. I then painted a section of the wall with primer trying a couple but the high build primer I got at Kelly Moore was worthless. I tried a couple of areas with the two sample colors I got a Kelly Moore as well. They look nice but the paint is very thin and will require a couple of coats and still be a thin coat. So, i stopped at Home Depot and got a sample of their paint to try. A chorizo burrito for breakfast at La Victoria taqueria. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dinner at the Hometown Buffet on the way home to Palo Alto.

Thursday: (08/22) A doctor appointment visit in the morning. Lou had a dental appointment in the afternoon. Then we were off to San Jose where Lou got to look at the paint samples on the wall and I touched up the chimney stucco. Lou also stopped by and got our parking hangers for the Dan Jose house permit parking area. Spinach and tuna omelet for breakfast. Whole Foods for lunch. Lou and I had soup, Dawn a collection from the bar. A visit to Chevy's Fresh mex Restaurant for dinner.

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