Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Walk To Avila Beach

Saturday: (02/14) Because I was so inactive yesterday I wanted to get out earlier today. I fixed a nice egg, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwich to start. When my alarm went off to remind me of the Lion's Club pancake breakfast at 0800 I had a problem. I'd already eaten.  Fortunately, it ran until 1100. When I went outside I found that a raccoon had enjoyed his dinner next to the right front tire leaving just the guts of a squirrel for me to clean up. Such cute little beasts. There was some kind of a birthday event at the Butterfly Grove. It was packed. I investigated the bus schedules and they don't run often enough. I decided to take a hike up to Aliva Beach. I did much of this hike before. On my way I stopped for an early pancake lunch then continued on North. I walked up Highway One, Price Street and Shell Beach Road and along the way I looped out to the beach wherever possible. There isn't a continuous bluff trail but there are many little parks and beech access points along the way, most about 1/4 mile off the highway with no connection other than back out to the highway. At the North End of Shell Beach I connected with the Bluff Trail to Cave Landing and Pirates Cove. All the Beaches were really crowded due to the wonderful summer like weather, 86 degrees, and President's Holiday weekend. I then took to the road and walked on to the Avila Beach village. There I looked around and relaxed a little with an energy drink and ice cream. About 1530 I started back via the Bob Jones Trail along the San Luis River. There were several Geocahes located along the trail so I located most of them. I had to give that up when my phone battery died. I hiked along the top of the ridge above Highway 101 to connect back to Shell Beach Road coming down into Shell beach as the sun was setting. I stopped for dinner at Mei's Chinese Restaurant. Very good and very busy. I got a small table by the kitchen and cashier desk. It was a table for two and the place was packed. I offered my extra chair to others and enjoyed dinner conversation with a girl returned home from the university in Las Vegas and a mother visiting her daughter who lives here. It was a little difficult doing the last two miles home from the restaurant after sitting for so long. I kind of stiffen up. Total walk 19 plus miles. I arrived home at 2020. Time for a shower.

Pismo Avila Hike 1656 Pismo Avila Hike 1655 Pismo Avila Hike 1652 Pismo Avila Hike 1647 Pismo Avila Hike 1646 Pismo Avila Hike 1643 Pismo Avila Hike 1642 Pismo Avila Hike 1640 Pismo Avila Hike 1638 Pismo Avila Hike 1637 Pismo Avila Hike 1635 Pismo Avila Hike 1634

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