Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Busy, Busy, Getting Ready To Leave

Tuesday: (01/12) We all headed down to San Jose early to meet the refrigerator  delivery folks and do a few other details.
San Jose Refrigerator Replacement 0112160835a_HDR San Jose Refrigerator Replacement 0112160835b_HDR
We arrived at 0730 for the 0730-1130 delivery window. The called shortly after 0730 and were en route with the delivery completed by 0830. Only one problem, it was a tad too tall. i’ll have to return tomorrow to trim the cabinet lip. We had breakfast at La Victoria restaurant across the San Jose State campus from the house. We then headed home.
Wilton Dawn's Shed New Floor 0112161240b_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed New Floor 0112161510a_HDR
The weather was nice so I got to work on the shed. I setup some forming to  allow screeding the concrete against the wall. I also installed some rebar and was ready to pour. It was after noon so I won’t complete the final finishing until way late tonight. I had some lunch before starting the mix. The pour was complete by 1400. I then spent time cleaning up and doing finishing. We didn’t have any showered today but the are expected this evening so I’ll need to cover the concrete later. I enjoyed watching TV and checking the concrete all evening doing the final finishing about 0200 just before some rain.  It was finished and covered before the rain. Nicely cooperative rain. My lunch was leftover carnitas with rice and beans from Lou and Dawn’s breakfast. Dinner was a green salad to which I added some roast beef.
Wilton Dawn's Shed New Floor 0113160958a_HDR
Wednesday: (01/13) I started the day, after I awoke about 0900, by going outside and stripping forms and cleaning up the shed floor concrete. I also collected some tools to use in San Jose. I drove down to San Jose stopping at Payless Rockery to pick up some baserock, then deliverd some papers to Cecelia’s house and then arrived at Dawn;s house.
San Jose Refrigerator Replacement Wilton Dawn's Shed New Floor 0113161326_HDR San Jose Refrigerator Replacement Wilton Dawn's Shed New Floor 0113161326a_HDR
I read the refrigerator manual to see if there was some adjustment that might allow the refrigerator to fit under the cabinet above it. The refrigerator is the same maker and basically the same model as before and the specified height should have allowed for 1/4 inch clearance. But , It didn’t fit. The top had a dome bulge that went more than 1/4 inch higher than the outside edges, likely where the height dimension was calculated. The adjustments do provide some leveling capability but not enough to fit. So, I jury rigged some plastic sheeting to help contain the sawdust and sawed off the 1/4″. It took a lot longer to setup and cleanup than it did to make the cut. It now fits nicely. I then started to head hom but remembered i needed to stop by a shop in San Jose to get replacement tarps for a 10×20 tent we have for storage. It’s tarps have disintegrated. I then made a final stop at Home Depot for a few more bags of concrete to complete the walkway replacement in front of the shed. I then, finally got some lunch about 1500. When i got home I unloaded everything. Enough for today. Lou made a nice bacon and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. Lunch was from the House of Eggroll in Santa Clara, eggrolls and fried shrimp. I enjoyed a nice toasted PBJ sandwich for my dinner while Lou and Dawn enjoyed their lamb chops.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Walkway Pour  0114160934_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed Walkway Pour  0114160934b_HDR
Thursday: (01/14) The weather has been rainy and we expect a lot more over the next week or more. Today and tomorrow are both only expected to be half dry. I need to pour some concrete and these are the only days remaining to possibly do it so today I mixing concrete and dodging rain a not so good combination. I had granola for breakfast and got to work preparing the walkway in front of Dawn’s shed to be poured by adding baserock, tamping and drilling holes installing rebar pins to attach the walkway to the existing walkway. I finished the prep by 0950 and headed inside. I had a webinar on building mobile apps from 10-12. I enjoyed a ham sandwich for lunch during the webinar.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Walkway Pour  0114160948_HDR
I then headed out and poured the concrete, about 20 square feet of walkway. I had just completed the post pour cleanup adn the initial finishing when a really hard rain squall started. I hurried to cover the pock-marked concrete with plywood which I had planned to do anyway but not mandated by a squall. When the rain had passed, I removed the pock-marks and recovered it. I did the final about 1900. Then the waiting began with wait/check/finish and repeat. Lou prepared Shepherd’s pie for dinner.  Dawn was baking. Lou and Dawn were out to Stanford University for a presentation this evening.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Walkway Pour  0115160850_HDR Tent Tarp Replacement 0115161448_HDR
Friday: (01/15) Leftovers for breakfast. I enjoyed leftover carnitas, beans and rice. Today was nice and clear much of the day with no rain. I started by detailing the new walkway I poured yesterday. That involves cleaning the edge residue on the adjacent walkway. I also reset a few loose bricks next to th pour and grouted between the bricks and the new concrete. Done. Now I just need to wait for the concrete to harden more before reinstalling the shed’s front wall, With that done, I started another risky project, at lease in rainy weather. We have a 10×20 foot tent that protects a bunch of junk. Don’t want our junk getting wet. emptied the contents, removed the old disintegrating tarps, moved the tent frame 3 feet out and 2 feet to the side to get it further from the neighbors garage and closer to our playhouse. That should make it easier to clean the leaves from behind it. Ernie helped and we got it moved. reskined, and refilled just as it got dark. I’m glad these past two days allowed these past two projects for get done. Most everything else that needs to be done before we depart can be done while it rains. A nice ham and cheese sandwich for a late lunch about 1430. Lou made hobo chicken dinners tonight.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Reinstall Wall  0116161135_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed Reinstall Wall  0116161206_HDR
Saturday: (01/16)  I reinstalled the front wall to Dawn’s shed. Mostly that involved shortening it about 3 inches, the front edge thickness of the new concrete floor.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Reinstall Wall  0116161226_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed Reinstall Wall  0116161517_HDR
Just a few sprinkles today. It’s just 2×2 framing but good enough for a shed. Most of the effort was refitting to door to fit tightly.
Lou made a nice bacon eggs and potatoes breakfast. Chili sizes for lunch. Baked chicken with peas and potatoes, kale with bacon for dinner.
Sunday: (01/17) We watches the Sunday morning shows. Eventually I got outside and made and installed door trim on Dawn’s shed. A nice weather seal now. Next on agenda is lights and a power outlet. Lou and I  made a shopping run to get the materials. We stopped for lunch on the way home. With that done it was time  for a long nap. I awoke to good rain in the late afternoon. In the evening we watched the Democratic Debate. Granola for breakfast. Lunch at Super Taqueria in Sunnyvale. A nice chicken pot pie for dinner. Dawn and Courtney were out to the movies, sort of. They went to see the new Indiana Jones movie at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts. The musical portion of the movie was removed and a live orchestra provided the music. Interesting concept.

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