Tuesday, January 19, 2016

National Popcorn Day

Tuesday: (01/19) My brother has done a daily blog category called “Today Is”. He did this for an entire year presenting information about each day. It is currently in reruns. I get notifications in my email for each post. While today’s Strange Brew post starting about potions was interesting, it became exciting when he mentioned it was also National Popcorn Day. I wonder if the banks are open? I love popcorn but can’t eat it later in the day. I’ve been craving some and we often have it for breakfast. So guess what breakfasts was. Yep!. We’re having a nice rain right now at 0900 but expect a nice afternoon. I finally got outside about 1100. I worked on the lights and power for Dawn’s shed. I ended up needing some more materials so I headed off about 1400 to Lowe’s. On the way, I stopped for lunch at the China Wok. On my return home I finished the electrical and powered it up. No sparks. Lou made a spaghetti squash corned beef hash. No potatoes. It uses fried spaghetti squash in their place. not bad.

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