Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Hunt Is On

Saturday: (01/30) Lou and I started with a shopping run with our neighbor Meili. Dawn made some Mexican lasagna for breakfast. It was supposed to be made for dinner list night but was differed. We had a bunch of stale leftover corn chips so they were turned into a casserole with cheese, hamburger onions and spinach. After lunch we headed out in search of a replacement Jeep.
Jeep Candidate  0130161330e_HDR Jeep Candidate  0130161721_HDR
We had a good candidate (left above) up in Daly City next to San Francisco. It was a 2007 Grand Cherokee with everything on it and in excellent condition. Almost like new with it’s 90K+ miles. We confirmed it met all our needs and then took it for a test drive. It is now top of the list. it has only one fault. it’s another huge engine, a 5.7L so mileage would be less.  We’re considering it. We headed back toward home looking at a few other places and stopped for lunch in San Bruno at Neal’s Cafe. More research in the evening. I found some other candidates in the East Bay. I also did research on adding the tow bar base plates and braking system. Hard to decide. I’m also considering not replacing it at all right now and getting a tow dolly instead and bring the little car along. On the way home we stopped at a Costco in Redwood City and spotted a nice looking Jeep (Right above). Lou, being bold, asked the owner if they wanted to sell it. He said maybe. Another candidate.
Sunday: (01/31) Leftover  Mexican lasagna for breakfast. I spent some time upgrading and updating a couple of computers. Lou and I eventually  took off to Hayward to look at a Jeep there, then on to Pleasanton for more Jeeps. We found a good one at the Jeep dealer there with extremely low mileage but a rather high price. We may have to dicker on it? Only problem with it is it’s color. It’s bronze. White would be preferred but features and price may rule. Probably can’t get everything we want unless it’s new but it would be nice. Lou and i had lunch at Panera Bread. She had a Cobb salad and I had a sandwich and soup. Chili sizes for dinner.
Monday: (02/01) I had covered the Jeep with a tarp and we had a little rain over the last few days. With big gaps on most of the doors, I wanted to keep the water out of the inside of the Jeep. Evidently some was trapped on the roof of the Jeep and this morning was about a half inch sheet of ice. Lou and I delivered the Jeep to the body show for inspection at 0730. A nice toasted PBJ sandwich for my breakfast. Dawn made hot cereal for Lou and herself.  I did some research on a new Jeep this morning.  That included getting online estimates for three dealers. Of course none of the responses had much to do with the car I requested information on. We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. Dawn was busy moving stuff into her shed from the house. I visited  REI and bought some more socks. i was also looking for large water jugs but the ones the had were not appropriate for storage in the RV so I visited Walmart and found them there. We had dinner at the Olive Garden with Ernie , Cecilia and Courtney.  Lou and Dawn went to a author talk at Kepler’s Book Store in Menlo Park after dinner.

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