Saturday, February 6, 2016

Off To Bakersfield

Saturday: (02/06) We were up early and packed the new Jeep for a road trip to Bakersfield. Dawn and Ernie are already there. My Aunt Helen passed away and here services were Thursday. We couldn’t go down due to Lou’s appointment yesterday. We stopped for breakfast in Gilroy at the Longhouse Restaurant. Since this is the inaugural run ffor the new Jeep, we took Highway 198 from San Ardo leaving Highway 101. It’s a nice winding mountain road heading into the San Joaquin Valley to Coalinga. On Highway 5 we were nearly hit by an idiot driver weaving through traffic. We were in the right lane another car was about 12 feet ahead of me and the incompetent driver turned into our lane, possibly thinking  his 16 foot car could fit and didn’t need any clearance nor even the length of  his car. This was accented by the fact he was going 20 mph faster than we were at our 75 mph. I stood on the brakes and swerved and no impact occurred. Obviously this is his normal driving method. Never look back and always wonder what the noise is all about behind him. Exciting. Along the way we  decided on a name for the new Jeep, Tigger. Fortunately Tigger was able to hop out of the way. We got to Bakersfield about 1710. We went to dinner at the Rice Bowl Chinese restaurant with my cousin Judy and her husband Don. Then we chatted much of the evening.
Sunday: (02/07) Breakfast at Milt’s. I really like the deep pit BBQ there so Lou and i shared  some scrambled with eggs. Ernie had a nice CFS and Dawn had an omelet. Dawn was busy going through photos from Helen’s albums. Judy came over and we visited all afternoon. Lou met her former roommate Anita and she and Dawn went to lunch at the Roadhouse. In the evening dinner was at the Golden Corral. There wasn’t much of a crowd either at the restaurant nor on the road due to the super bowl game going on at the time. Nice.

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