Saturday, February 27, 2016

That Darned Refrigerator

Saturday: (02/27) Lou and I were off doing the grocery shopping early this morning. I tinkered in the shop, did some cleanup of dryer lint around the dryer vent and tinkered in the office and on the computer. Lou and Dawn were off to Home Depot. She is working on a replacement refrigerator for the one we bought last month that still doesn’t work. Toasted PB&J sandwiches for breakfast. Pepper steak sandwiches for lunch. A pork, rice, beans, and tomato dish for dinner.
Sunday: (02/28) I worked a little in the yard moving plants from the greenhouse and burning some junk wood. We also transitioned back to the outside shower to start watering the lawn. Our weather has been nice for a couple of weeks and any chance of a freeze appers to be gone. Our apricot tree agrees and is in full blossom. Sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. My pork, rice and black beans was even better as a leftover. Beef pot pies for dinner.
Monday: (02/29) Lead Day. Lou and I were off to Home Depot where we bought the Whirlpool refrigerator that still doesn’t work. We even bought  5 year extended warranty for it. The 5 year warranty is really only a 4 year covering the fridge after the one year manufacturers warranty. Even though we’ve had the technicians out for three service call visits and it still doesn’t work and is supposed to be replaced after three calls, Whirlpool won’t replace it because the three calls are considered one call by them because they haven’t fixed it yet? Never again Whirlpool. So now we’ll become a plague on Home Depot and Whirlpool. We stopped at Subway for a late breakfast sandwich. Lou had an appointment.
Wilton Backyard 0228161114a_HDR Wilton Backyard 0228161127_HDR
When we got home the baseplates for the Jeep to setup the towbar had arrived. No time to get to that for  a couple of days. I had another campfire to get rid of come more junk wood and a rotted roll of wooden wire fencing.We had Kentucky Fried chicken for dinner. Time to pack to leave tomorrow.
Wilton Backyard 0228161114_HDR Wilton Backyard 0229160826b_HDR
The apricot tree in bloom and the rhubarb sprouting.

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