Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trying to get brakes on the Jeep

Saturday: (02/20) Computer time and a shopping trip today. Little accomplished. PBJ sandwiches for breakfast. Sweet Tomatoes lunch. Cheese and sausage for dinner.
Sunday: (02/21) The usual Sunday morning TV shows. Some browsing on the computer at brake system info. I examined the Jeep to see how to install a brake systm an whre the old one might fit. There is very little room in this new Jeep. In the afternoon I installed and rekeyed a deadbolt on Dawn’s shed. Leftover omelet or breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pizza for dinner.
Monday: (02/22) Dawn and i were off early to San Jose. I dropped Dawn off at the library and went by the San jose house to get the data logger from the refrigerator. I dropped it off at the repair shop. Then I visited the San Jose Harbor Freight an returned the replacement wheel bought that doesn’t fit the hub on my dumping cart. They didn’t have the proper wheel so i found it online at Amazon and ordered it. Dawn and I also visited Fry’s to look at monitor table mounts. They didn’t have anything appropriate for a 32″ monitor. Leftover pizza for lunch. After lunch i tinkered with the jeep trying to figure out if I can do the brake and tow bracket installation and how best to do it. I think I can do it and have a couple of plans on where to mount things. Now to order parts. Lou made clam sauce spaghetti with asparagus for dinner. I did more research  on the installations and printed instructions in the evening.
Tuesday: (02/23) Another alarm clock start to the day. I had to run the jeep over to the dealer to get a key FOB for Dawn programmed. Quite weird that it takes so long and costs so much. Up until the 2014 models you could program then yourself. No longer.   I had breakfast a a nearby restaurant Lyon’s. They had a nice build your own breakfast so I had pancakes and bacon for $5. Much better than McDonald’s. I was busy doing research on the Jeep towing mods. Got to make a decision soon. Pizza for lunch. Dawn’s corn chowder for dinner. We stopped by Fry’s to get a monitor stand for Dawn’ new workstation. Unfortunately I need an adapter for the stand to attach to the monitor. It will arrive Thursday. Always something.
Wednesday: (02/24) Well, the thinking and deciding are over. I reviewed a response I got from the manufacturer of the towbar systems and decided I will be doing the installations myself so I ordered the materials I need that allow me to reinstall the towbar and brake system onto the new Jeep. They actually shipped in the afternoon and are on their way. We were all out much of the rest of the morning and early afternoon shopping. Nothing in particular. We had lunch at Harry’s Haufbrau in Redwood City. I spent some time tweaking keys to make them work in all our house, gate and shed locks. the new ones I got yesterday didn’t work in all locks. Granola for breakfast. Lou and I shared a pastrami dinner and Dawn had a Reuben sandwich at Harry’s Haufbrau. Lou made spaghetti with clam sauce and asparagus again tonight for dinner.
Cart With New Wheel 0225161655_HDR
Thursday: (02/25) I had a webinar about optimizing applications so they scale up efficiently. I received a replacement wheel for our dumping garden cart yesterday. I installed it today. Nice to have wheels for the yard again. I also received the adapter plate for Dawn’s monitor today and installed it at her new workstation.
New Jeep Before Tow Setup 0225161657a_HDR New Jeep Before Tow Setup 0225161704c_HDR
And finally, I received the license plates for the new jeep and installed the rear one. The front will have to wait a week or so since I’ll be disassembling much of the front to do the towing setup. Above are some before pictures. before I disassemble the vehicle for the towbar installation.
And then the day was gone. Lou made a nice Home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs breakfast. We had leftovers for lunch. For dinner we went to a new place at our nearby California Avenue restaurant row called Fire Oak and Barley. I had a chicken and bacon sandwich and lou and Dawn had salads. Cecelia (salmon), Courtney (salmon) and Ernie (burger) joined  us.

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