Saturday, October 1, 2016

Code Camp, 2016

Saturday: (10/01) Up really early and headed off to San Jose. I stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s. I am attending the Silicon Valley Code Camp. I’ve attended several times but this year I decided to volunteer to help as well. I needed to be at Evergreen Valley College by 0750 to place signs around campus. I also helped serve lunch. Today was pizza. I attended some interesting presentations. I was rewarded for my service with a nice dinner for volunteers and speakers. Nice BBQ from Andy’s BBQ. Nice day.

Sunday: (10/02) Breakfast at A Good Morning. Then I was on to Evergreen College campus in San Jose. I had 4 presentations to attend today. Java Framework comparison, securing web applications, user privacy, and Python. All interesting. Today lunch was burritos, possibly the worst I’ve had but they were free. Dinner was Lou’s beef stew.

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