Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sierra Hull Concert

Wednesday: (10/19) Chili beans for breakfast. I’m sicker so relaxed at home. Lou made hamburgers and got me some more hot and sour soup for lunch.
Eureka House By Fairground 1019161556d Eureka House By Fairground 1019161606a
We had a 1530 appointment to go see a house we were interested in. Interesting place right in town on 3.4 acres with a huge house and it’s own forest. It seemed to need too much work for us.
Ferndale Bluegrass Concert At The Steeple 1019161832_HDR Ferndale Bluegrass Concert At The Steeple 1019162024a_HDR
We got dinner at Marie Calendars on our way back to Ferndale for a concert in the evening. Sierra Hull was named the IBMA Mandolin Player of 2016. She and her group played at The Old Steeple. It’s an old church that makes a great small music venue. In fact during the day it is a music store.  The group consisting of Sierra Hull (mandolin), Ethan Jodziewicz (double bass), and Justin Moses (mandolin, banjo, Dobro, backing vocals) presented an outstanding 2.5 hour concert. Each is extremely talented. However, my favorite was actually Ethan Jodziewicz, the base player. He played it like I prefer, as a real instrument not just a rhythm of three notes. Amazing. Here’s a sample.
Ferndale Fair RV Park 1012161709
Poster for concert.

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