Sunday, January 1, 2017

Moving To LEDs

Sunday: (01/01) Granola for breakfast. We all took a walk down to San Antonio Mall. Mostly just exercise since most businesses were closed. Oddly, the Goodwill store was open so of course, we stopped. Also, Sprout’s was open so we picked up bread there. Lou and Dawn then went to target which was open while I inspected the construction of the new buildings there. Amazing the progress they have made since my last visit.I picked up what was supposed to be a chicken breast at Safeway for lunch. Turned out to be a thigh. Yuck! I then walked home and got the car and picked up Lou and Dawn. Dawn made mushroom chicken soup for dinner.

Monday: (01/02) Donuts for breakfast. Lunch at Harry’s Hofbrau. Mushroom soup for dinner. Cecelia and the three of us went to IKEA for a walk inside out of the rain. On the way home we stopped at Harry’s I replaced more of the lamps in the house with LED lamps. This included the craft room lamps which had 100W CFL lamps. My LED lamps only provided 900 lumens and the CFL’s provided 2700. Needless to say, Lou wasn’t happy so I ordered some high output LED lamps for those fixtures and will add more fixtures to even the light and brighten it up still at a lower wattage.

Tuesday: (01/03) Leftovers for breakfast and dinner. Lunch at the Country Inn In San Jose. We ran errands in San Jose and Santa Clara.

Wednesday: (01/04) Another day at mostly home. I did a few tasks in the yard during a break in the rain. Dawn and I went on a couple of grocery shopping errands. Lou made a nice baked omelet for breakfast. We had sandwiches for lunch. I made spaghetti and Dawn made a salad for dinner.
My easy spaghetti. Pasta, microwaved sauce, and tomatoes and fried meat and veggies.

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