Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yosemite And Snow

Tuesday: (01/17) Granola for breakfast. We were on the road around 0800. Managed to get lost in Tracy missing the connection to Highway 120. We turned off on Highway 4 later and set the Jeeps navigation system to take us to Yosemite. In Placerville, we knew we were off course and headed South on Highway 4I to Sonora to get back on Highway 120. We made it to Yosemite Valley about 1400. Had the opportunity to look at all the waterfalls. As it got dark we checked in at the Lodge. Dinner there.





Wednesday: (01/18) Breakfast at the Lodge cafeteria. We drove out of the Valley about 0900 before the rain and possibly snow arrived. A stop at Mariposa for a walk in the Ace Hardware Store. We stopped for lunch in Merced at Rancho San Miguel Market. Then a stop at a bookstore in Modesto. Heavy rain since Mariposa and until we were over the hill into Fremont on Highway 680. We stopped for dinner at the Black Bear restaurant in Milpitas after a visit to a nearby thrift store. Home a little after 1900.

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