Saturday, April 22, 2017

Goodbye Concert for Redwood Bluegrass Association.

Saturday: (04/22) I worked on the fence base forms all day. Dug out the remaining two sections and formed the second one. Just one more section to form. In the evening we all went to the last concert to be presented by Redwood Blugrass Association. They have decided to disband but had this one last concert. The 27 Strings started the show composed of Tom Bull (guitar), Greg Frees (mandolin, guitar), Howard Gage (acoustic bass), Rachel Gage (fiddle), and Hildy Licht (banjo). The Flatliners were the main act consisting of Paul Knight (acoustic bass), Blaine Sprouse (fiddle), Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin), Avram Siegel (banjo), and Keith Little (guitar) with special guests AJ Lee (guitar) and Sullivan Tuttle (guitar). Very good show lasting almost 3.5 hours. Leftover pancakes with Peanut butter and jam for breakfast. Lou’s Iranian chicken salad for lunch. Beef stew with cottage cheese and peaches for dinner.

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