Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break

Saturday: (04/15) I worked in the yard weeding and cleaning up. Usually, we have chocolate fondue on Easter morning. This year we can’t so Cecelia and Courtney made beef stew for dinner tonight. As often is the case, we celebrate when convenient rather than by calendar. We also enjoyed a campfire after dinner. Granola and banana for breakfast. Beef stew for dinner.

Sunday: (04/16) Official Easter holiday be for us, the day after. I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. After breakfast, we visited Home Depot in East Palo Alto. Lou and Dawn needed some garden soil and I needed more concrete mix. We took both vehicles because the Jeep is clean and full of stuff and the little care is my haul vehicle now. But, it’s at max load with me and 8 bags of concrete and 2 bags of soil. I unloaded the everything as it was starting to rain. It rained the rest of the day. A nice ham and cheese sandwich with grapes for lunch. Lou made meatloaf, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob for dinner. I did a final review of our tax return and eFiled the returns. Then I relaxed the rest of the day.

Monday: (04/17) Overcast and occasional sprinkles all day. I got out about 0830 and started installing the sonitube forms for the fence post bases. First order of business was to set a line string for alignment reference. I then installed the forms and shaved the holes to allow the tubes to fit. I was just finishing as it started to rain about 1700. Lucky work day. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can pour some concrete. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. Hot dog and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s stew/soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/18) I took Dawn to an appointment in the morning. On the way home, we stopped at Home Depot for more concrete and the Palo Alto and the Los Altos libraries for deliveries. About 1430 I started working on the fence. By 1500 I was ready to pour except I couldn’t find my finishing tools. I dashed off to Orchard Hardware and picked up a trowel. When I got home I mixed and poured 23 bags of concrete for the three bases. Pancakes with peanut butter and peach jam for breakfast. Eggrolls and shrimp for lunch from House of Eggroll. Enchiladas and avocado for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/19) Enchiladas and avocado for breakfast. I went outside and stripped the supports from the forms and stripped the top of the sonitubes to allow finishing the top edges of the bases. I then headed off to San Jose to the City Maintenance Yard for a Traffic Signal Association meeting. The topic was safety harnesses and an aerial truck show. Nice to see some of the folks. I stopped at a Chinese food place and picked up lunch then headed home. After my lunch, I napped before heading outside to strip the sonitubes from the bases and clean up the area. Lou’s beef stew/soup for dinner.

Thursday: (04/20) Enchiladas for breakfast. I made a shopping run to Walmart and Grocery Outlet in the morning. I also stopped by the RV garage to check on the RV repairs. They seem to be on the right track to finding the loss of power problem. They say they should have it done in time for our mid-May outing to Dave’s ranch. .Some hot and sour soup for lunch. I spent the afternoon installing one of the fence wall forms between two of the post bases after digging a trench for it. In the evening I gave myself a haircut. Chili size for dinner.

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