Thursday, April 26, 2018

House Hunting

Tuesday: (04/24) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. We waited much of the morning for the realtor to call with the time to tour a family home compound in downtown Pleasanton. While waiting we tinkered on projects. I was working on repairing the drawer under the stove. Just as I got going well the realtor called and ask if we were on our way. Evidently, he unsuccessfully texted me with the time confirmation. We headed off quickly. Ernie joined us. We toured the three home family complex called the Adam’s Family House. It is ideal for us, three houses 1500sf 3 bdrm 2 ba, 1950sf 2 bdrm 2.5 ba and 1750sf 3 bdrm, 3ba. 6 car garage. On a hill with views. All recently built or remodeled. Every possible feature except for solar. Close to downtown Pleasanton. Couldn’t ask for much more. After a late lunch, we spent the rest of the day looking around the area. Lunch at the Wild One Mexican restaurant downtown. Sweet and sour pork roast with rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/25) Nice as the house in Pleasanton is, we won’t be moving there. Too much disruption. Time restraints and a contingent sale likely wouldn’t work. Lou and I returned a borrowed wheelchair to the senior center. Then we visited the hardware store and nursery. I planted the new fuschia plant we bought. I finished repairing the drawer under the stove. It only needed two wood strips glued and tacked on the sides to minimize side to side movement of the drawer. The final thing was to reinstall the latch at the center where now it will, hopefully, now jam as it was doing before it fell off. I also reinstalled the heater vent cover. It came off. Turns out it had been modified a little due to not enough material for screws to attach to the fiberglass shower. It needed a couple of screws that the original didn’t need. A walk in the evening to San Antonio to meet my daily distance goal. PBJ toast for breakfast. Hot dog and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Sweet and sour pork roast with rice for dinner.

Thursday: (04/26) My birthday. Up early. Enjoyed granola with diced apple for breakfast. I had an appointment with my dentist to get my implant stud installed. Lou came with me. At home, she made some creamed broccoli soup for lunch. Dawn’s friend Andrea came over for a visit. In the afternoon we went to an early dinner at Los Altos Taqueria. Lou was busy pre-cooking meals for our camping trip this weekend. I was relaxing. The tooth replacement isn’t painful and I’m not in any real pain but am taking advantage of some rest time.

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