Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Oceana County Park

Tuesday: (04/10) A cool sunny day. I spent the day recuperating at home. Lou and Dawn took a long walk in the morning and went shopping in the afternoon. Rice for breakfast. Lou’s pea soup for lunch. Beef stroganoff for dinner.
GPS: 35.104518, -120.625334

Wednesday: (04/11) More rice as cereal for breakfast. We headed off to San Luis Obispo for the day. I managed to get a short walk at Laguna Park. We did some shopping and looking around. Lunch was at Panera Bread. We were home just before 1700. Lou roasted some chicken, vegetables, and potatoes for dinner. We had a nice day until just before we came home and then the winds picked up. Fortunately, they didn’t last too long.

Thursday: (04/12) Dawn and I walked up to the Station Cafe at Grand Avenue. We had a nice breakfast there. We then walked out Grand stopping at a thrift store. Lou met us there. She had been at home cleaning and taking the last shower. Dawn then visited Nan’s Bookstore while Lou and I toured Miner’s Hardware. We then went home for lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. Then we returned to Grand Avenue and Lou visited another thrift store and I visited RV World. I bought another sewer ell for the RV. I then walked back to the RV and Lou and Dawn continued shopping. In the evening we headed down to San Luis Obispo for dinner at the Central Coast Brewery on Higuera Street. Nice thin pizza, parmesan fries, and salad. A good cider and stout as well.Then back home for the night.

Friday: (04/13) Granola and bacon for breakfast. We headed down to San Luis Obispo and I dropped Lou and Dawn off at a Goodwill Thrift store while I headed over to Cole Jeep to get the oil changed and tires rotated. Wonderful shop and service. So much better that my recent experiences at our local dealers in San Jose and Santa Clara. That took about an hour to complete. I then met Lou and Dawn at a nearby shopping center. There was a Tuesday Mornings store there and Lou had found some of the peach preserves I like there so I bought all they had. It’s hard to find. We had lunch at Pizza Republic. I had a slice of pizza, Dawn had chicken fettuccine and Lou had deviled eggs and grilled chicken. Wonderful place. More thrift stores and other shopping before topping off on gas at Costco and heading home. Fish and chips for dinner.

Saturday: (04/14) Toast and avocados for breakfast. We were off early toward Los Angeles. Dawn wanted to attend an expo for blind adaptation equipment at the LAX Airport Marriott hotel. We arrived there about noon and had lunch at the hotel cafe, The Hanger. I had an interesting Fritos Nachitos, possibly the best nacho grande I’ve ever had. Dawn had fresh potato chips with blue cheese sauce. Lou had a salad. We all looked through the expo and Dawn was busy asking questions of the vendors. We departed just before 1700. I didn’t want to get on the freeway heading home so we took Highway One out through Santa Monica and Malibu. We stopped for dinner in Carpenteria at Pizza Dan’s. Got home at 2200. Nice day. Traffic wasn’t really bad either direction. The weather was nice.

Monday: (04/16) Breakfast at the Rock and Roll Diner. It’s a cafe in two rail cars about two blocks from our campsite. After breakfast, we headed up to San Luis Obispo. Dawn was busy and Nemo’s and Barnes and Nobles. Lou was busy at Beverley’s. I took a walk around the neighborhoods. We met for tea and a snack at Louisa’ Cafe. Lou and I took a walk and visited Mountain Aire Sports Shop. Lou tried on a bunch of shoes. We then all went to the Tractor Supply Store and a nursery before stopping for dinner at the Central Coast Brewery again. Home a little after 1900.

Tuesday: (04/17) While I was busy draining our tanks, Lou made smoked pork chops with eggs and leftover home fried potatoes for breakfast. We prepared to leave and hit the road. We stopped in Greenfield at Rancho San Miguel Market for lunch. They have the best flan and Dawn and I shared a torta. On to home arriving about 1630. We arrived to find sings on the street preventing parking either side for the next two days. Evidently, tree trimming. I parked the jeep on the lawn and Ernie brought his car into the driveway. Chili for dinner.

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