Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Where did Spring Go

Wednesday: (04/18) Our street was marked “No Parking” for tree trimming today and they started with our trees. They really didn’t need any trimming and that was obvious by the tiny pile of branches after they were through. Off early to get a blood test at Kaiser. On the way home I got a breakfast burrito at Safeway while Lou shopped. A short visit at home and then we were off to my dental appointment. My bone graft passed the test and I’m now scheduled for the implant next week. We picked up Dawn and went up to Redwood City to shop and walk at Costco. It was a cold day so a nice day to walk indoors. I unloaded the Jeep for calling it day. I had dim sum for lunch and chili for dinner.

Thursday: (04/19) I slept in late having stayed up late bingeing on WestWorld. A sausage for breakfast. Resting all day. Ramen and spam for lunch. I guess I miss the trail because that was the most common dinner. Lou and I went to dinner at Nob Hill Market deli. Had to get out somewhere. Really nothing accomplished today, how nice.

Friday: (04/20) I caught up on my sleep last night. I had a sausage and pie for breakfast. We dropped Dawn off at Barnes and Noble's then went to an appointment at Santa Teresa Kaiser in the morning. Afterwards we went shopping. For lunch we went to The Cheesecake Factory at Oakridge Mall. Somehow we managed to make a day of it and arrived home near 1700. Lou made BBQ ribs and baked veggies for dinner. I received a request to post a Meetup event. We had been wondering when fellow hiker Dave would be having another Open Ranch. He contacted me to make a post for it next weekend so we will be camping there 4/27-4/29. Unfortunately it conflicts with a hiking group potluck so probably won’t have too many other hikers there?

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