Monday, October 15, 2018

A Concrete Effort

Monday: (10/15) Leftover pizza for breakfast. Lou and I went to Walmart where I tried to find some grease for the mixer bearings. They had a spray but no canisters for my grease gun. I then visited Kragan Auto and found it. Lou, meanwhile did some shopping at Sprout’s Market. At home I found the existing canister wasn’t empty but all the grease and moved behind the plunger. I reassembled it and it worked well enough to lube the mixer. I stripped the forms on the already poured concrete so I can install the forms for the other side of the driveway. Ernie and I then poured the fourth section on the first side. The mixer threw it’s chain on the last mixer load. I had to mix a half bag in a bucket to finish the pour. It was easy enough to reinstall the chain but it provided a good opportunity to lube the chain, as well. We didn’t do a second pour again today because of the delay. I installed the forms for the next sections as the concrete cured and I waited to do the finishing. After dinner I went to Home Depot and got more rebar and dobbies for the remaining concrete sections. Pizza for breakfast. Pork sandwich for lunch. Roast chicken with asparagus for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/16) Ernie and I mixed and poured the concrete for two sections of Meili’s sidewalk. In the afternoon I completed the rebar for the driveway. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ham sandwich for lunch. Dinner at Luu Noodle House.

Wednesday: (10/17) I stripped the forms from the concrete we poured yesterday. Ernie and I mixed and poured the concrete for two sections of the driveway. I spent the afternoon cleaning up and doing the final finishing. Mr Hobbs, our neighborhood cat walked through the wet concrete in the morning and also again after we finished the second section. Then he returned to the earlier section, which was almost dry and did his cleaning and defleaing. Only left a little scratch there. Always great to have some help. Granola and banana for breakfast. Hot dog sandwich for lunch. Chicken pot pie for dinner.

Thursday: (10/18) I started by stripping the forms from yesterday's pours. I also fitted some edge cushion on the round post anchors. Ernie and I poured the rest of the neighbors walkway and one more section of the driveway. With that, I ran too low on concrete bags to do the last part of the driveway. I spent the rest of the day doing the finishing and cleanup. Only one set of cat prints to clear today. Granola and apple for breakfast. Chicken pot pie for lunch. Sauerbraten for dinner.

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