Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Back To The Projects

Wednesday: (10/31) I relaxed in bed catching up on email and Meetup hike details in the morning. I attended a webinar at 1000. I ran out earlier to remove the fence posts from the roof of the Jep before Lou and Dawn went off for breakfast an shopping. When I got out side after the webinar I drained the holding tanks and filled the water tank. Both firsts for the new driveway plumbing. Tank duty is so much easier now? I also got the LPG tank compartment door open. The latch would unlock the door. It had broken. I went online and found what hopefully is a replacement. It should be here Friday. I then headed off for lunch and shopping. I visited Lowe’s to get fence rail brackets and electrical conduit fittings for the new RV service panel. In the evening I sent out a warning email about next Friday’s hike. Hopefully people properly evaluate their hiking abilities. Leftovers nachos and PBJ toast for breakfast. Dim Sum King for  late lunch. Tamales for dinner.

Thursday: (11/01) I tinkered with projects in the morning. I disassembled the old driveway gate and put some things away. I cut my hair before a shower around noon. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment. My implant bone graft is ready for it’s crown now. A little grocery shopping at Sprouts to get granola, trail mix and bread. A visit to Lowe’s to get some vinyl roofing panels and fence rails. Unfortunately, their fence boards looked terrible so I stopped by Home Depot to get the fence boards. At home I unloaded all the stuff I’d collected and relaxed a while. Lou and Dawn were out picking up Cecelia at the airport. They all came home for chili with weiner and cheese for dinner. Bacon and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Chili with cheese and weiners for dinner.

Friday: (11/02) I moved the fence from it’s temp location to its permanent location. I still need to trim the top but it is otherwise finished. Much nicer than before. I’ll be replacing the old gate sometime in the future. Breakfast at Bajis Restaurant. Guacamole and chips for lunch Ramen noodles and sausage for dinner.


Saturday: (11/03) I did a little work on the fence. I trimmed the top boards and posts. I made a hardware store run and swapped some vinyl roof mounts that were wrong. I also bought some spring nuts. Back home I installed the new latch on the LPG compartment door of the RV. That required a little filing of the door to get the latch in place and a push nut to attach it. All working well now. I also did a little paking for departure tomorrow. Granola and banana for breakfast. A burrito for lunch. Salad for dinner.

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