Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Arroyo Seco Campground

Wednesday: (10/24) Breakfast from Happy Donut, a sausage egg and cheese English muffin and an apple fritter. We finished packing the RV and did some errands before leaving just before noon. I had to get the propane tank filled. It was totally empty. Lou did a little final shopping and got new water bottles. We stopped for lunch in Greenfield at the Rancho San Miguel market. A little more shopping before sharing a chili verde plate for lunch. We headed on in to Arroyo Seco Campground and checked in We were only able to get the site for three days. The days beyond that are controlled by online reservations. There is no cell phone signal here so if we get out where a signal exists tomorrow we might register for the other three days we plan to be here, or just see what’s available. We might have to move. For now, we are the only campers here other than the hosts. Chili with cheese and chips for dinner. We listened to the radio in the evening.

Thursday: (10/25) We took a drive around camp then Lou dropped me off at the trailhead. I hike some trails circling around the camp via the ridge top, about 4-5 miles. After a late lunch I took a shower and a nap. The shower in the camp almost meets the standard of heated, but not much. Banana nut bread and trail mix for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pork Chops with baked potato and artichoke for dinner.


Friday: (10/26) PBJ toast and bacon jerky for breakfast. Lou dropped me off at the trailhead. I took the trail out along the Tassajara Creek Gorge on Indians Road to the Marble Peak Trail. Along the way, about 1 mile out, I hiked down a trail to the bottom of the gorge by the creek. The Marble Peak Trail crosses the Tassajara Creek on a suspension bridge, the “Horse Bridge”. It then follows Willow Creek. I hiked three miles up Willow Creek to a trail junction, about 7 miles out, then returned the way I came. I returned to camp about 1500 and enjoyed a shower. Lou had gotten the hosts to adjust it so it was warmer. 







Saturday: (10/27) Sausage, eggs and banana bread for breakfast. We drove to Carmel Valley Village via Carmel Valley Road, Tassajara Road and Cachagua Road. We explored the village and the mountains getting there. We had lunch at Kathy’s Cafe. Carnitas tacos for dinner.

Sunday: (10/28) We took a walk around the North Lake and campgrounds in the morning and relaxed in camp all day. I had an opportunity to try out my new, unused jump start battery set. A car had a dead battery over in the primitive campground. Amazing that a battery not much bigger than a cell phone can start a cars engine. It still had 75% of its charge after starting the car. Oatmeal and bacon jerky for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Carnitas noodles for dinner.


Monday: (10/29) Oatmeal and bacon jerky for breakfast. I was off before 0830 headed out the Indians Road. I stopped at the second trial about 2 miles out to hike down to the gorge. This trail was easier and the it had a beach down by the river with a huge swimming pond headed up the gorge. It would be a wonderful place to hang out on a summer day. I hiked back up and continued up the road past the Marble Peak Trail Junction about 2.5-3 miles. At about 7.5 miles out  I arrived at a Santa Lucia Trail junction. I hiked down the side of the mountain about 1 mile to the Cawara Trail junction. Another half mile down and I was at the bottom of the gorge at the dry Santa Lucia Creek. The trail down had a lot of overgrowth. There was no real trail at the bottom where the trail headed back down stream toward camp. Little pieces of trail mixed with crossing or hiking on the boulders in the creek bed for ¾ mile brought me to a nice section of trail all the way back to the Santa Lucia Road. Before I left the creek bed I happened upon, and almost stepped on, a 6 inch turtle. After a nice shower we had spaghetti for dinner.





Tuesday: (10/30) Leftover spaghetti for breakfast. We left camp around 1000 and headed down to Greenfield. We walked the toun looking at the shops then headed over to Rancho San Miguel Market for lunch. On the drive home we stopped at the mall in Salinas and at Lowe’s and a thrift store in Gilroy. We got home just after dark. This is the RV’s first parking on the new concrete of the driveway. Leftovers for dinner. Busy catching up to paper mail and email much of the evening.

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