Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Batteries In Yuma

Wednesday: (01/30) We relaxed at home all day. I stuffed some things in the compartments after a little reorganizing. Dawn worked on beading outside most of the day. Lou made soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I made chilli sizes for lunch and corned beef hash for dinner.

Thursday: (01/31) I got an early call from FedEx saying my batteries were in. I dashed off to get them at their distribution center. They couldn’t be sent to a FedEx store because they are hazardous? After picking them up I stopped by the Arizona Marketplace to try to find some 3/0 cables for the new batteries. The old batteries were 2ea 6v. The new batteries are 2ea 12v so an additional jumper cable was needed. No luck at the Marketplace but I did enjoy a nice breakfast burrito there. I tried an RV store, a couple of welding shops an an auto parts store, no luck. Finally a tried a solar store that was all but out of business. They fixed me up with the cables I wanted. With that finally accomplished and the morning consumed, I headed home. At home, ater a nice tea, I got to work. I removed the old batteries and cleaned up the battery compartment. I needed to reroute some cables through a new access hole to get the batteries to fin. They are taller and deeper than the previous and fill up all the space in the compartment. It took some work but I finished the installation about 1500. We then headed off to town to pick up our mail, do the laundry, eat dinner and do grocery shopping. We arrived home about 2030. By 2100 we had some rain showers. Breakfast at the flea market. Dinner at the Golden Corral buffet.
Had to pick the batteries up at the Fedex distribution yard. My boxes were the only items to be picked up there. I had to rearrange some cables to get the batteries to fit. 

Tight fit. The old batteries were set out with a free sign on them. They disappeared in the night and saved me the bother of disposing of them. They were actually OK, just not as good as I would like.

Friday: (02/01) Dawn started a stew in our slow cooker. We headed to the Arizona Market Place for a look around. After a rest at home, I rewired the solar so that it charges whichever batteries are switched to use the Inverter/charger. I had been thinking of installing a seperate switch but this may eliminate the need, if it works. After a visit with our neighbors, we all headed to town again and also did some shopping before heading to dinner and then home. Breakfast at the Arizona Marketplace (Flea Market). Lunch at home, Dawn’s stew. Dinner at the EAT Asian Buffet again.

Saturday: (02/02) Chip, the owner of the other Surfside dropped by. We gave him a tour of our coach and discussed his an our modifications and setup. He actually pointed out the location of our leveling jack control box. It is under our refrigerator. In the afternoon, Lou nand Dawn went to town shopping. I relaxed at home all day and I started collecting info and installed my tax software in preparation to do the dirty task of our tax return. Leftover hash and eggs for breakfast. Stuffed celery and avocado for lunch. Leftover stew for dinner.

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