Friday, January 18, 2019

Purisima Open Space Preserve Hike

Friday: (01/18) Breakfast from Happy Donut. Alex picked me up at 0900 and we then picked up Jessica and then headed off to Skyline Blvd to our hike to Alice’s Restaurant from Purisima OSP. We were a group of 16 and carpooled from Alices to the Bay Area Ridge Trail at Purisima OSP to start. It was a 9.3 mile hike. We finished at Alice’s Restaurant and had a late lunch. I was back home by 1600. Jessica lives in Portland and before that was one of our fellow hikers and leaders. In addition this was Jonathan, our hike leader’s, 500th hike he has led for the group. I don’t think I’ve even led 100. Dawn prepared dinner, zucchini with chicken and cheese.
 Interesting corkscrew tree and a nice mushroom.
 The trails were nice after some rain. The Methuselah Tree on the right.
A nice caterpillar.

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