Friday, March 1, 2019

Tabasco Tour

Friday: (03/01) We were on the road about 0730. We stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Lafayette, LA.

 We decided to go take the Tabasco Pepper Sauce factory tour. We found our way to the remote factory in the swamp of Avery Island. Interesting history and factory.

  The Tabasco ice cream was interesting. We headed on toward New Orleans in a good rain. Highway 90 was one of the worst roadways we’ve driven. Very bumpy because of the seams in the concrete pavement. We ended up in some commuter traffic as we were coming in to New Orleans.

We arrived at the Pontchartrain RV Park. We’re near the Pontchartrain lake and near downtown. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch while driving. We had dinner at the restaurant in the RV park, jambalaya for me. We enjoyed the band in the restaurant/bar. Four Louisiana old boys. Quite good sound. 

(GPS: 30.0248281,-90.0346937)

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