Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Delaware Water Gap NRA, Dingman's CG

Wednesday: (06/26) A relaxing morning. Granola for breakfast with a wiener and cheese sandwich for brunch. Lou and Dawn were off to play a game of pool and air hockey before they took their showers. I dumped the tanks and prepared to roll. We departed about 1140 heading NB up Mt Nebo Rd. I stopped at the market and used the ATM and we did some shopping. We can't check in at our next campground until after 1400. I attended my Wednesday webinar while Lou and Dan visited a nearby nursery. We then continued up to the Dingmans campground checking in at 1430. We had leftover stew for lunch. Only needed an apple and peanut butter for dinner. I spent some time fiddling with our cell signal booster and finally found a Verizon signal so we aren’t cut off from the world during our stay here. Most of our TV watching is via the Internet. (GPS: 41.210297, -74.872432)

Thursday: (06/27) Granola with pill for breakfast. I drove in to Milford to the Jeep dealer and made an appointment to get our TPMS sensor looked at, It suddenly showed 0psi on the right front yesterday. It’s the one in the wheel and ruins the dash display by continually restoring to the tire pressure screen. The Jeep also has screw on sensors to display the pressure for the Jeep in the RV, They are OK. I got an appointment for next Wednesday. Good thing we planned a long stay here. I then took a little tour around Milford stopping at a hardware store for a water filter cartridge for the RV. I also drove through Dingman's Ferry area locating our Post Office. Our mail will arrive tomorrow. I stopped at Ray and Charles Deli for a breakfast sandwich before returning home. At home I installed the new water filter, tacked down the outdoor mat. Attached some cords to the Telephone antenna mast to reinforce it in case of any wind. Otherwise I relaxed.

Friday: (06/28)  Granola with pill for breakfast. We drove to the Post Office to get our mail package. We went to the Failte Irish Pub in Dingman's Ferry for lunch. Nice shepherds pie. Lou made sauerkraut potatoes and pork chops in the slow cooker for dinner. We visited the Weis Market near Hwy 84 and did some grocery shopping. This is another area with no water vending machines to fill up our drinking water bottles. We have to resort to new bottles from the market. I erected our screen room. It hasn’t been used since Hope. Alaska seven years ago.

Saturday: (06/29) Granola with pill for breakfast. We drove down to the Pocono flea market for a look.I had a snack of a Papa Rellena (deep fried mashed potato with beef filling). and a beef empanada. Lunch at the Chinese buffet.We continued down to another flea market in East Stroudsburg but it was closing down permanently. The day started nice but we did have a downpour on the way home. Leftover sauerkraut potatoes and a wiener for dinner. The RV door latch has failed again by requiring the latch be partially opened to close the door. I had to add more spacers and trim the door latch hole to provide proper alignment so it snaps closed properly. I also replaced the outside light lamp. In doing so, I found my old (spare) LGG4  phone and the old inReach communicator in the lamp storage box. Not sure why they were put there. That is a mystery solved since they have been missing for five months. The phone service was cancelled and the communicator replaced. Now I have two communicators which will be nice for sending text messages on hikes when I need to be picked up and neither of us have cell signals.

Sunday: (06/30) Granola with pill for breakfast. We went over to the Failte Irish Pub for brunch. A little shopping at a hardware store and a Dollar General store on the way home. After a nice nap, I took apart the door latch again and went to the hardware store for some bolts and washers to make it more secure. Otherwise we relaxed at home today. Lou prepared some peaches for a snack. For dinner we had slow cooked peppers and sausages.

Monday: (07/01) Leftover peppers with sausage for breakfast. I was off early, by myself, to visit the three nearby waterfalls (Dingman’s, Raymondskill, and Buttermilk). I headed up Hwy 209 to see the first two.  I stopped in Milford for lunch at the diner. Then I continued across the Delaware River into New Jersey and down Hwy 206, the Old Mine Road and other miner roads to Buttermilk Falls. I hiked up Buttermilk Falls trail until it met the Appalachian Trail, about two miles most up to the trail junction then back down. A good test for my foot. It held up fairly well. I was home about 1630. After a nice shower I relaxed. Lou mad chow-chow salads for dinner.




Tuesday: (07/02) Granola for breakfast. We took a drive today. We stopped at Dingmans Fas and Lou and Dawn got to see them. We then continued up to Milford and stopped at the hardware store for Lou to look. We then were headed toward Woodstock, NY but stopped at Walmart to do our dry goods shopping first. We crossed into New York and stopped in Port Jervis at some thrift stores and also for lunch at Stewie's Restaurant. By then it seemed too late to continue to Woodstock so we changed plans and visited some thrift stores and a bookstore in Middletown. The some more shopping and a stop at the Golden Corral for dinner. Then we headed home. We stopped for gas just before reentering Pennsylvania. Gas prices are 20-30 cents more in PA than in NJ or NY. We were home just before 2000. Today’s weather was nice but we did have a short sprinkle of rain as we got home.

Wednesday: (07/03) Granola for breakfast. Dawn and I drove up to Milford. We stopped at Walmart and picked up some paper towels then headed over to our 1030 appointment at the Jeep dealer. They replaced the TPMS sensor on the right front wheel. They also told me the front struts are leaking. They ordered the parts and we have another appointment next Wednesday. Dawn and I took care of some online needs while we waited. We then had lunch at the Milford Diner. Unfortunately Lou called with some additional needs so we returned to Walmart before heading home. At home I extended our stay here another 3 days until next Thursday. We relaxed at home the rest of the day.

Thursday: (07/04) Granola for breakfast. Had brunch at the Ray And Charles Deli in Dingman Ferry. After brunch.we took a drive up to Hawley today. We caught the extreme end of their 4th of July parade then took a train ride on the oldest train line in the US, It started in 1829. The Stroutsburg Line. It follows the Lackawaxen River. We enjoyed a milkshake from a shop downtown before heading toward home. On the drive home we stopped to look at the Shohola Falls. When we got home we had lots of new neighbors. Leftovers for dinner.


Friday: (07/05) Granola for breakfast. We did our tank duty this morning. We’ve been here a week and will be here almost another so we knew we couldn’t make it two weeks. Unfortunately to be able to roll the 100 feet to the dump we had to retract our awning, bring in the slides and raise the jacks. I also had to bring down our telephone repeater antenna mast. After dumping then we just have to get the RV spotted in the same position related to our map the reverse all the above to be setup again. Lunch at Perkin’s Restaurant. We drove down to East Stroudsburg and did our laundry then returned home. We had considered going to see some fireworks while we were there but decided we’d return home instead. I drained, rinsed and filled our fresh water tank. That made quite a muddy mess in front of our RV. Dawn made crawfish soup for dinner.

Saturday: (07/06) PBJ toast for breakfast. drove down to Stroudsburg to the flea market. Dawn got a game board last week but didn’t find the pieces nor case for them. It’s an unusual Amish game and replacing the wood disc pieces isn’t easy. No luck. While Lou and Dawn looked for those, I got gas in the Jeep and did some shopping. I then stopped and looked at a nearby antiques warehouse. After they were through at the flea market they needed a look at the antique warehouse as well. We then stopped by the Triplets Cafe for lunch. We then drove out to another outlet store. It was then late enough and we were tired so we headed toward home but I took the long way home through New Jersey and the other side of the Delaware River to show them the Buttermilk Waterfall. We had a deluge just before we got to the falls with lots of nearby lightning and thunder. Fortunately it had stopped by the time we got to the falls on the dirt road. Just before the falls we saw two bears relaxing in a field near the road. Not near enough for a photo but fun to watch. On the way back we stopped at a graveyard and old village before recrossing the river at Dingmans Ferry bridge and getting home. It had rained there as well and we now had a huge puddle in front of our RV.

Sunday: (07/07) Granola for breakfast. We had some usable Internet in the morning. I interrupted my viewing and dashed off about 0830 for a shower before it gets too backed up. I was evidently too late. The shower room was well used. Many of the guests have no idea how to use a shower, a shower curtain or door or even how to flush a toilet. I wouldn’t want to visit their home! Fortunately they’ll be gone today and maybe the restrooms will be cleaned. We live in hope. I took a walk up part of the McDade Trail to Hwy739 then back along Hwy209 then up Wilson Road then back to camp. It was about a 4 mile hike. The McDade trail looks interesting for future hikes. I had to take a second shower when I returned. While the weather was great it was muggy/ We relaxed at home much of the day. For dinner we drove down to East Stroutsburg to Muller’s restaurant.



Monday: (07/08) Granola for breakfast. We headed off to the town of Jim Thorpe, PA. It is a town much like Bisbee, Az but healthier. On the way we stopped at a Burger King for brunch. We explored the town then headed over to the town of Leighton and a look at the junction General Store, the largest General Store in the US. Then we headed home stopping at the Triplet Cafe again for dinner. Then a stop at Walmart for groceries. A final stop at a CVS to pick up a prescription then home at last. The day started out with rain. Near Jim Thorpe we had fog and rain. While there we drove up to the top of a mountain that boasted a 200 mile view. It was more like 5-10 due to the fog.

Tuesday: (07/09) Granola for breakfast. I worked all morning putting things away. The screened tent needed drying. The mats were put away. Drying the tent and tarps took a while. When I went inside after lunch to relax. I tried to listen to the XM radio. It didn’t have power. Nor did the lighter socket. Turns out the chassis battery was dead, no low but dead. It’s only a year and a half old so I took it to Walmart. They charged it for a couple of hours and ran it through their tester. It supposedly provided 799 crank currant so it was good as far as they were concerned. We’ll see what the charge is in the morning. I suspect a shorted cell. If it’s still bad I’ll replace it warrantee or not. They’re only $95, not worth the fight. Peach pie and a pork and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover spaghetti and toast for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/10) Granola for breakfast. After a quick shower, I was off to Milford. I stopped at the Milford Diner for a breakfast sandwich then on to the Jeep dealer. They installed new front shocks and i was out of there about noon. I stopped for a look at the Apple Valley Outfitters then had lunch of mushroom brie soup and a slice of apple pie. I tried to attend my Wednesday webinar but even with good signal I couldn’t connect for the webinar. This area is not well connected. I returned home and mostly relaxed. I did check the chassis battery, start the engine and exercise the slides and lifts and there is still a 10 amp constant drain on the battery. I’ll have to continue disconnecting the battery when we are stopped until I can isolate the problem. Either that or get a 10 amp charger. I washed all the windows in preparation to roll and put away the awning in case it rains. Lou made brunswick stew fr dinner.

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