Friday, September 13, 2019

Dave's Ranch Weekend, San Antonio Valley Ranch

Friday: (09/13) Granola and banana for breakfast. We did the finish loading of the RV. I went to the market to get some drinking water and a few things. We rolled away about 1045. We crossed the bay on the Dumbarton bridge and took Highway 84 through Niles Canyon to Livermore. We had lunch at the El Charro Mexican restaurant in Livermore before heading up Old Mines Road to Dave’s Ranch in San Antonio Valley behind Mt Hamilton. We arrived at the Ranch about 1520. It was hot so we mostly relaxed in the RV with the AC on and chatted with Dave. Later Others arrived. We had leftover Greek food from last night's dinner for tonight's dinner. Fortunately it cooled down nicely and we enjoyed a nice campfire in the evening.

Saturday: (09/14) Diced apple and potato pancakes for breakfast. I took a morning loop walk around the ranch and out by the homestead cabin. No wildlife too be seen but we did hear elk bugling last night. Much of the day was just relaxing and chatting. I did take a paddle and float in the lake later in the afternoon. For dinner most of us went to the Junction Restaurant.

Nice views of the ranch.

Sunday: (09/15) Dawn and I took the same walk as I did yesterday. We had peach blintzes for breakfast. After breakfast, I took a drive with the Jeep up over the ridge. A good workout for the jeep since it is only normally used by motorcycles and ATV’s. Added a few pin stripes on the narrow trail but exercised the low range and the hill descent features. We cleaned up and put things away then chatted until a bit after noon and we all left the ranch. We had to make a stop at the Junction Restaurant to pick up Lou’s keys before heading down the hill. We stopped at a Greek restaurant in downtown Livermore for lunch then on to home arriving around 1600. A nice chicken sandwich for dinner.
Ranch views.

Some tent campers and our RV.

The eagle in the tree. More ranch views. 

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