Monday, September 16, 2019

Starting To Fix Things

Monday: (09/16) I spent the morning printing manuals and used guides related to our RV systems. I also tinkered with the rear yard sprinklers. I cleaned out the valve innards for the sprinkler that had stuck on. I’m having trouble connecting the yard sprinkler controller to the new Internet SSID. I shutdown the old internet modem and packed it to ship back to Sonic. Granola for breakfast. A green salad for lunch. Chicken chorizo hash for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/17) Granola for breakfast. I took a walk to and through the Stanford campus this morning. I stopped for a mushroom omelet for brunch on campus. I walked about 6 miles. Back at home I tinkered with the RV slide problem. I also finally got the sprinkler controller connected to the new Internet and test the controller. Lots of drip emitters to fix. Spinach quiche with sautéed mushrooms for dinner. 
Distant view of new housing. On the right the layout of the new Stanford housing.

Nearing completion of the new Stanford housing complex.

Breakfast from Coupa Cafe on Stanford Campus

Stanford cactus flowers

Sanford Cactus garden.

Lou's new scooter arrived.

Wednesday: (09/18) I worked at cleaning out my shop enough to find my sprinkler parts. Other cleanup distracted me so not much work on the sprinklers after I did find the parts. I attended my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere webinar. In the evening we went to Stanford Mall to get some veggies at Sigona’s Market and take a walk. Lou got to use her new electric wheelchair. Granola and banana for breakfast. Chicken with hummus sandwich for lunch. Leftover chicken chorizo hash and a green salad for dinner.

Thursday: (09/19) Granola and banana for breakfast. I started by filling a second compost bin with leaves from behind the playhouse. I hate to leave an empty bin when something needs to be cleaned up. I had to do it early before the pickup, usually the first thing today but fortunately today was later. After that, I took a walk and watched some roofing material being delivered to the rooftop by a folding crane that could reach 80 feet across the roof. Back home I repaired Dawn’s zappy scooter headlight mount. I had to figure out how to reattach it without too much destruction and still be firmly mounted. I fabricated a new mount from a piece of 1” PVC pipe. I cut and bent it to allow it to be tie wrapped to the light and camped to the handlebar. After that I had lunch at Lucky Chinese, some chow fun noodles and black bean fish. Back home, I took a nap. Dinner was a baked potato.

Friday: (09/20) I worked on the sprinklers. I pulled in drip tubes through the conduits I installed under the sidewalk. Effectively, my days work brought a drip nozzle to the planter in front of the garage. I also called Leale's for an appointment to get some work done on the RV. English muffin with hummus for breakfast. Chill size for dinner. Chicken sandwich for lunch. 
Dawn's Zappy headlight mount repair.

Saturday: (09/21) Lou watched her morning dog shows. I spent some time moving stuff out of the RV. We both went down to San Jose to regrout the kitchen sink at the rental house. Granola and banana for breakfast. A late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Chill size for dinner.

Sunday: (09/22) We all went out for a drive looking for plant share markets. Ours in Palo Alto disappeared. Dawn tried one in Redwood City but it didn’t exist as Google had led her to believe. We then tried one in Sunnyvale but arrive after they were through but the organizer gave Dawn information about hers and others. We also snagged a couple of strawberry plants from her. On the way home we stopped at the Goodwill store in sunnyvale for them to look around. I spent some time exposing some of the sprinkler pipes so that I can recircuit a couple of the pipes. I will need to get a couple of fittings tomorrow to complete the job. I also started all the burners and oven in the RV to burn off any remaining LPG. Unfortunately, even though it is beyond empty it still may have up to 6 gallons of LPG left? Lou made home fried potatoes with salsa and a side of grapes for breakfast. We stopped for lunch at a new Coupa Cafe in Los Altos on El Camino Real. It opened while we were gone and is the same cafe I enjoy on the Stanford Campus during my walks and the same Dawn enjoys downtown. BBQ fish for dinner.

Monday: (09/23) Granola and banana for breakfast. I drove the RV down to Leale’s in San Jose. Lou followed in the Jeep. The RV is having the inop jacks and slides and the LPG valve looked and an oil change. A stop at Lowe’s for a few PVC fittings for the sprinklers and some grocery shopping at Smart And Final before getting home. I recircuited the sprinkler pipes to reduce the number of emitters on the drip circuit. It wasn’t easy but eventually I prevailed and backfilled my hole. I still need to redo some drip tubing in the greenhouse to complete the job. After a shower, I got busy cooking. I made some meatless, cheeseless enchilada casserole. It turned out really good.

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